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Oil Spill + Hurricane = ?

“So what happens to all the oil in the Gulf if there’s a big hurricane? Brian Beutler has the story. “

Skocpol Responds to Reich

“Skocpol Responds to Reich on what Obama should do …

I like Bob Reich and consider him a friend, but he is nuts. There is a reason why the right, including Sarah Palin, is calling for Obama to “take charge” of the BP disaster, including fixing the leaking pipe. This is a problem that cannot be solved, and probably will not be for many months. “

SC senator: We’ve ‘got one raghead in the White House, we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion.’

“Today, the Christian Broadcasting Network published a story about Nikki Haley, the frontrunner to become South Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial nominee, saying that she “recently changed the language on her website to reflect a more Christian tone.” “

May brings fifth straight month of jobs growth but disappoints

“Employers added more than 430,000 jobs in May, the fifth consecutive month of job growth, and the unemployment rate fell to 9.7 percent, the government reported Friday in an otherwise disappointing jobs report.”

Reid’s Energy Bill Letter: The Case of the Missing Word

“When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) asked major committee chairmen yesterday to offer “recommendations or report legislation” on clean energy before July 4, with an eye to considering a post-oil spill bill later that month, several news outlets interpreted the letter as boosting momentum for a climate change bill. “

Unemployment Remains in a State of Crisis

“The May jobs number is out, and at first blush it looks good. The economy added 431,000 jobs in May and the unemployment rate tracked down to 9.7 percent. But the report, in reality, is terrible, another sign of the long-standing crisis of joblessness in the United States. Economists were hoping that the private sector would add between 100,000 and 200,000 jobs. But private employers expanded their payrolls by a measly 41,000 positions”

Japan Elects a New Premier, Fifth in Four Years

“Naoto Kan, a plain-spoken finance minister with activist roots, was elected on Friday by a vote of Parliament”

Write your own news story: Raw polling data on TeaParty
Take a shot at writing your own news story about the data from this PDF file and compare it to what the ‘experts’ have found interesting in it. You will be surprised (or not) by what different news outlets chose to headline.

Satire: Nation’s Soccer Fan Becoming Insufferable

“As the 2010 World Cup approaches, friends, family, and coworkers of 32-year-old Brad Janovich are growing less tolerant of the exuberant behavior of the United States’ lone soccer fan.

“Who’s got World Cup fever?” Janovich asked his officemates at Credit Solutions Friday, failing to notice their silent stares as he reported for work clad in the sole Team USA jersey sold this year. “I do! I’ve got World Cup fever!”

“Check out this World Cup wall chart I just bought,” added Janovich, who is the only American citizen currently aware that the World Cup begins June 11.

According to sources only peripherally aware of the World Cup, Janovich’s infuriating behavior first became apparent during a Super Bowl viewing party last February when he repeatedly used the phrase “American football” to describe the action on the field.”

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