Hardly a day goes by when someone is not asking me about one of the student or faculty escapades not mentioned on our Denials page.

In fact, since the BPICampus.com site opened for silliness business on May 13, 2010 I have been asked about The Maryland Incident 128 times 22 times once… okay, okay, it came up online in another context.

So gather around kiddies, Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip, That started from this tropic port, Aboard this tiny ship. Oh, wait, wrong tale.

This tale is The Maryland Incident.

This story starts (as most stories do) with an Epic Event. In this case it was the Major East Coast Snowstorm of February 2010. (By the way, this is the same Major East Coast Snowstorm that promoters of the 2014 Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey have guaranteed will not occur on or near February 2, 2014. But I digress).

For those who have forgotten, here is a satellite image of the snowstorm from NASA:

(to give you some context, this is in COLOR).

That image led to this conversation:
JG in MD: “Okay, just above the letter C in DC there’s a diamond-shaped county with the Potomac on the left side. See it? Good. There’s a line going northwest through the middle of the diamond. Got it? Okay, look at the midpoint of that line. ::Jill waves:: Hi Ev’ybuddy!!”
JanetT in MD: “Wow… I think I can see you from my porch! Er, balcony. Or maybe I could, if visibility wasn’t limited to about one city block right now due to blizzard white-out conditions….I’m just to the left of the northern “point” of DC’s diamond…. ::waves hard::”
JG in MD: “OMG Yourself! Picks up binoculars, focuses on JanetT… Good grief, woman! ::drops binoculars::”

And as if that were not enough, the next day we found it to STILL be a topic of conversation:
JG in MD: “My magic binoculars that can see through a blizzard are tucked away, waiting for more unsuspecting victims in Beltway Blogistan.”
JanetT in MD: “Eeek… If I’d know you had binoculars that could see INSIDE the Beltway, I’d have combed my hair first!”

And of course we thought that would be the end of it (involving both matters of style and personal hygiene).

But no. As I adjusted my weather widgets a few days ago to reflect the farflungedness (vocabulary alert: may be a made up word) of Blogistan, we received this new information:

JG in MD: “East Coast Blogistan is kind of lumpy both culturally and weatherwise”



JG in MD: “If you squint, you can see me my evil twin between the B and the a in the word Baltimore.”

Oh noes!!! Evil Twin??? Is this you, Jill?

So as with all BPI myths stories, we end up with more questions than answers. Sigh. Which of course means we will have to revisit this story again. 😉

Wikipedia Link to Maps and Info because even our myths have to be based on facts.


Saturday’s HEMMED In will explore more BPI lore or something else. Who knows?


Happy Thursday to everyone! And fist bumps.