The BPI Campus is 289 square inches of pixels surrounded by reality (which is REALLY big, trust me).

If you missed Campus Virtual Tour I (because as you can see, this is Campus Virtual Tour II…meaning “second” in Romanese), we recommend you take time to view it now. Because, quite frankly, some of the jokes won’t work important commentary is lost if you missed the first tour.

The BPI Experience (see left margin) explains a lot of what you need to know about Blogistan Polytechnic Institute but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So without further adieu, I present: The Tour – Part Deux.

Today the BPI Shuttle is in the shop (and we WILL find out who painted the “WASH ME” sign on the back, mark my words!!) so we will be riding in the BPI Bandwagon. Jump aboard, lose your pre-conceived notions and off we go. And watch out for the trombone players…


What is that annoying sound? Oh, it is my BlewBerry buzzing…the BPI Squirrel is paging me again:
Squirrel@BPI: I still have not found my Garden Gnome and, quite frankly, it is making me a little nuts.
JanF@HEMMED: We will keep our eyes peeled for you. Is this your Garden Gnome?


First stop – The Student Union

Well, actually it is not OUR Student Union but it is The Student Union of some campus.

Our student union is more like this:

The actual Student Union Building (just to the left of our Dean of Women but out of the picture) does include our not-so-state-of-the-art High Apathy Washers En Dryers facility in the east wing: HAWED

And remember to remove your clothing BEFORE placing it in the HAWED machine. These guys only look like doctors…they cannot actually re-attach limbs or other delicate body parts.


Squirrel@BPI: No, that was not my gnome. My gnome would not have any squirrels with him. I am his squirrel. ๐Ÿ˜€
JanF@HEMMED: Okay. We are touring the BPI kitchen now and O M G! No wonder Chef wanted your gnome.


Once again we end our tour at the Day Care Center … we can bearly stay off the playground equipment ourselves.

Tuesday: Next HEMMED In – Topic TBD or QED or TMI.

Happy Saturday to everyone! And fist bumps!