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Report: More than 113 Census workers threatened and attacked this month.

“Last week, a routine visit by a U.S. Census worker in Yuba City, California ended in violence when “police officers shot and killed a woman they said had first threatened the worker with a gun, then later confronted officers with a shotgun.” The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports today that the threat against a Census worker was not an isolated incident.”

Unemployment Claims Continue Plateau

“Weekly initial jobless claims fell to 460,000, down 14,000 from the prior week, the Labor Department announced this morning. Economists had expected unemployment claims to fall to 455,000. The four-week average fell a bit to 456,500. The drop is good news, in some sense, but the plateau in new jobless claims is worrying.”

Texas Gov. Perry calls Obama’s troop move on U.S.-Mexico border ‘a good start’

“Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday that President Barack Obama’s decision to deploy 1,200 more soldiers as part of a $500 million effort to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border is “a good start.” Obama’s plan, announced this week, has sparked criticism from all sides. Many conservatives say his response is too little, too late. Human-rights groups are disturbed by the decision and are staging a series of protests, including one today in El Paso by the Border Network for Human Rights.”

North Korea to Suspend Naval Hot Line With South

“Cutting the hot line, installed after earlier skirmishes, raises the chances of an armed clash in tense waters. “

Napolitano defends federal response to Gulf oil spill during Kansas City stop

“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that BP — and only BP — can stop the gush of oil into the Gulf of Mexico caused by the April explosion of an offshore drilling rig.

“They have got to plug that well,” she told reporters at a Kansas City news conference. “They have the technology, they have the personnel and experience. … The government doesn’t have that capacity.””

BP Pledges To Continue Being Huge Profitable Corporation

“LONDON—Embattled BP officials assured the public Thursday that despite the setbacks of the past month, the company was still “fiercely committed” to remaining an enormously powerful moneymaking industrial conglomerate”

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