Today we will start our Virtual Tour of the BPI Campus. Since the BPI Campus is 289 square inches of pixels surrounded by reality (which is REALLY big, trust me), we will need to do this in stages. Plus that gives me the opportunity to put Roman Numerals on my posts which all the smart kids do.

So jump on board the BPI Shuttle, pucker up your lips and start blowing so we can get this thing moving.

First stop, the Hoghead99 Garden of Envy. Yes, we do more here than just “talk” about Progressive ideals. We turn those ideals into Food! Although there has been some suggestion that some of the contributions are more like compost.

Wait, what’s that? The BPI Squirrel is paging me via BlewBerry:
Squirrel@BPI: Could you look for my garden gnome while you are on this tour? I have not seen it since the Tijuana incident and I am a little concerned after what I heard happened to the cue ball.
JanF@HEMMED: Ok. Let me look around. Hey! Is this your Garden Gnome?

And speaking of genomes, we were going to take a quick pass through the Genetics Lab but I notice the yellow WARNING tape around it. What could have happened? Oh Noes!!

Squirrel@BPI: Er, we were talking about Gnomes not Genomes. And that was not my gnome although it was very cute.
JanF@HEMMED: How about this one? Be careful…that looks a little precarious.

And just like that…we are out of time.

We will end todays tour at the Day Care Center where the children are all unbearably cute.

What?!!?? They are. 😉 (h/t addisnana for this pic from Hayword WI)

Saturday: BPI Virtual Tour Continues – So I can use another Roman Numeral (the next one is II…Orinoco taught me that)

Happy Thursday to everyone! And fist bumps.