The About BPI says “HEMMED In will be hosted by JanF on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 11am, and will feature output from BPI’s state-of-the-art High-Energy Meta Mojo Elucidation Detector. Reader comments are welcome.”

Look! I see the word Meta! No problem figuring out something to write about.

Our new blog,, is “constrained” by being created in WordPress. However, that is like saying “places I can be” are constrained by having to be “places where I can breathe”. If you put “WordPress” into Google you get 342,000,000 hits. I do not recommend taking the time to click on each one of them but here is a little WordPress meta.

WordPress web sites are fairly ubiquitous on the Internet. They are both blog and web site. We chose WordPress because it allowed us to leverage millions of person hours of development time so that we did not have to reinvent the wheel. We chose WordPress (which brings the structure, all the user management tools, the page and post management tools — the “database”) and then overlaid it with a WooThemes theme to create its “style”. Some publishing decisions set the final structure and voila…web site up in a fraction of the time it would take to write it from scratch using HTML.

So let’s have a brief Question and Answer session followed by YOUR questions and answers.

Q and A

Q: Wahhh!! This is not like what I am used to.
A: Technically, that is not a question but I will answer it anyway because my purpose is to be helpful not to point out your character flaws. True, this is not like what you are used to. But is what you were used to better or did you like it because you were used to it? This is different but it is common to WordPress so by learning to use it you will actually be expanding your skill set. You’re welcome.

Q: How can I tell when there are new comments?
A: It is easy to find new comments … you can click on My Dorm Room on the top menu bar which connects you to the WordPress Dashboard. New comments show there. Click on the little # sign to the right of the comment and you will be redirected to the comment. There is also a tool that Windows users can put on their computer to add an icon to their icon tray to tell them when there are new comments. See the Welcome New Students page where all the How To Tips and Tricks will permanently reside.

Q: Er, JanF? Nice try. Those are New Comments, true. But those are comments from all over the site. Where are replies to MY comments (cuz I am that way)?
A: That, unfortunately, is one of the limitations of WordPress. There does not seem to be a good way to identify comments as Replies to your own. However, this is on my to-do list right under “Find the Meaning of Life”. Sorry to say I do not have a good timeline for finishing that one. All seriousness aside, I am looking for a solution to that. I too (cuz I am that way) want to know which comments are Replies to my comments.

Q: How can I tell if people liked my comment?
A: We have added a plugin (fancy term for “code written by someone else which we hope like heck does not crash the site”) which allows you to thumbs up or thumbs down any comment. When a comment is thumbs-upped a lot, it changes color to show how much everyone admired it. When it is thumbs-downed a lot, something bad happens to it. I will set up a couple of comments below we can experiment with it.

Q: But how can I tell if my Best Friend Forever liked my comment? All I see are numbers.
A: You will just have to assume that your BFF liked your comment because they are, after all, your BFF. If it is really important to you, have your BFF reply to your comment. Although I am not sure where that would end. 😉

Q: When are you going to finish this thing?
A: Never. Keep coming back. 🙂


Thursday’s HEMMED In: We will take a Virtual Tour of BPI Campus including The Hoghead99 Garden of Envy. As time permits (and if there are not too many questions) we will visit the Genetics Lab. Bring your raincoat.


Glossary: dominion: 2. A territory or sphere of influence or control; a realm