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Campus Question – August 20, 2014

August 20, 2014

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Campus Question – August 20, 2014

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Today President Obama responded to the murder of journalist James Foley, saying “No just God would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day,” and Foley’s mother posted a touching tribute to her son. Also, Colin Freeman explained why journalists cover war-torn regions, and Patrick Reis offered a sampling of Foley’s work. CEO Dick Costolo announced that Twitter would suspend anyone who posted the video or images of Foley’s murder, and YouTube is also deleting the videos. Do ISIS have a social media strategy?

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  • I think they’ve had one all along. While it may seem (and is) horrifying, it’s bringing them recruits and serves to cause any opponents in their way to fear them.

    Their social media strategy isn’t aimed at “us” it’s aimed at an entirely different audience, and apparently quite successfully.

  • The title of the last link (at Think Progress) sounds like it offers an answer, but really it opens a debate. Some analysts think this and other ISIS atrocities are attempting to manipulate the U.S. into putting more troops into Iraq so ISIS will have more U.S. targets to kill. Others think that overestimates ISIS’s strategic insight. I tend toward the latter camp, although I agree that if we put more troops in Iraq we’re merely giving ISIS more targets.

    Indeed that’s the fallacy of the neocons’ “fight them over there or we’ll have to fight them over here” line. Al Qaeda, ISIS, and similar groups never had many members who were capable of acting inside the U.S. Yes, they want to kill as many Americans as they can, and they know the easiest way to do that is if we put lots of Americans “over there,” within easy reach.

    But we should also remember that ISIS haven’t shied away from slaughtering Syrians and Iraqis in horrific, public ways. They seem to want a reputation as the most brutal, ruthless thugs in the region, hoping that will terrorize local officials and militias into surrender. I think Foley’s murder was more about that reputation than about any grand strategy regarding the U.S.

  • Linda

    ISIS seems to be the ultimate “you’re either one of us or against us.” Is threatening death a recruiting strategy? I would think you have to have an organizational strategy which your social media strategy reflects. World dominance? I find it hard to believe that this is in the Koran.

    I am glad that media outlets are taking down the video and photos.