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Campus Chatter – March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014

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Campus Chatter – March 19, 2014

Today in history, greetings, and social banter here. (More)

The Edict of Amboise ended the first phase of the French Wars of Religion and granted limited religious freedom to the Huguenots today (1563). Also, England’s House of Commons abolished the House of Lords two months after the execution of Charles I, but the Lords did not assent and the act was declared invalid upon the restoration of the monarchy 11 years later (1648), Canada’s North-West Rebellion began when Louis Riel declares a Provisional Government in Saskatchewan (1885), Auguste and Louis Lumière filmed their first footage on their cinematograph (1895), Congress established time zones and approved daylight savings time (1918), Nevada legalized gambling (1931), the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened (1932), the 99th Pursuit Squadron, better known as the Tuskegee Airmen, was activated (1941), French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion become overseas départements of France (1946), Willie Mosconi pocketed a record 526 consecutive balls in a straight pool exhibition at Springfield, Ohio’s East High Billiard Club (1954), 24 workers died as a fire swept through the Monarch Underwear Company in New York City (1958), Bob Dylan released his first album (1962), 16-year-old E. Lee Spence found the wreckage of the SS Georgiana, 102 years to the day after the Confederate cruiser was sunk on her maiden voyage (1965), Texas Western, now the University of Texas at El Paso, became the first team to win the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship with an all-black starting lineup (1966), ice collapsed the 1263-foot TV mast at Emley Moor, England (1969), C-SPAN began broadcasting the daily business of the U.S. House (1979), Argentinian troops landed on the Falkland Islands, triggering war with Britain (1982), a sex scandal forced televangelist Jim Bakker to resign as head of The PTL Club (1987), the British Commonwealth suspended Zimbabwe, citing human rights abuses and election fraud (2002), 24 people died when a bus struck a tractor-trailer in Äänekoski, Finland, on the same day Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu were wounded by a would-be assassin while campaigning on the eve of their national election (2004), and the Swift satellite detected Gamma Ray Burst 080319B, the farthest object ever visible to the naked eye (2008). And the French Air Force’s Opération Harmattan began the NATO intervention in the Libyan Civil War (2011).


Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  • NCrissieB

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  • Good morning! It’s currently (according to the weather sites) a partly cloudy 7 degrees here. It’s supposed to start warming up today, with highs in the mid-to-upper 30’s for the next few days. I’d like to see some melting down, because I’m getting really tired of “winter” right now. I’m also looking ahead to the start of field season, and I’d like to actually get to the field when it starts. :roll:

    In the good -or finally! – news, I now have hot water! My new hot water heater was installed yesterday. After a lot of thumps, bumps, and cursing, it’s now hooked up and actually working. Once the old one was out, we took a look at it, and 😯 it was really bad underneath there. Funny story on the new one, though. My landlady said it was up and running, so about 45 minutes later, I checked my water, and it was … cold. Very, very cold. I told her about it, and she went and checked. 5 minutes later, she came back and said “You know I’m Polish, right?” I said “Yes, so?” She said “Well, I had the pilot light on, but didn’t turn on the burner. You should have hot water soon.” 😳 😆

    • addisnana

      Yeah for hot water! The story about the pilot light but not the burner is funny. Stuff happens.

    • winterbanyan

      A new hot water heater delivers cold water at first. I’m giggling. What a cute story, Norbrook.

      Enjoy your warm spell!

  • Gardener

    Good morning!

    Dark as pitch and 47 degrees… Did a little handyman stint up at church educational building kitchen yesterday… For whatever reason, the wood cabinet panels for the sink fronts had been removed, so I put them back on… Had a Food Pantry Ministry Team meeting in the early afternoon, then voted in our state primary. Conservation group board meeting yesterday evening, we planned our annual members meeting for later next month…

    Neighbor Glen came by with a freshly made deer sausage, I guess we’ll try some today. I gave him some lettuce and spinach to take home. Also he wanted to see the Komatsu, which he agrees seems to have issues in the steering clutches. Hmmmm…

    Hope all are well, and Norbrook gets his warm up. We’re kinda tired of Old Man Winter here too!

    Best, G

    • Well, once you find the manual, I predict many hours ahead of tinkering, as well as convenient justification to buy new tools. 😉

      • Gardener

        The tinkering I’m OK with… Anything major and it’s gonna have to go to a shop somewhere… 🙁

    • addisnana

      Sorry to read that the new Komatsu has issues and I hope they are easily and inexpensively fixed. Did the auction seller represent it as working? Is this a big deal or a little deal or a “I don’t know yet deal?”

      Good venison sausage is a real treat!

      • Gardener

        Well………. All that machinery is sold as is/where is. I’m afraid it’s a BHD… Still more opinions to solicit, we shall see……

        And yes, looking forward to the sausage!

    • winterbanyan

      I seriously hope that tinkering can fix those clutches. I sincerely hope it doesn’t turn into a BHD. Sending some good thoughts your way.

      The sausage sounds wonderful. Put everything else aside and just enjoy it!

  • addisnana

    Good Morning. It must be high school basketball tournament time most places. The competition can be intense. Here’s a touching article that puts it all in perspective. Cool kid!

    Also worth checking out is Isaac Cordal. He’s a sculptor and he has been tackling climate change. I posted a photo of one of his last night in CG.

    Otherwise I am searching for the corner around which spring is. I am excited to be back in the north woods and that can’t happen with snow along the route back to MN and all over MN. 🙂 I do enjoy south Blogistan immensely so waiting for spring is okay.

    • LI Mike

      Nice article, Addisnana. I still remember my tournament basketball memories…some actually good. 🙂

    • winterbanyan

      I found that article so touching. A lesson for all of us in there. It was also delightful to read how fond the team is of Grant. 🙂 Good all around! (Well, except for a few sourpusses, that is.)

  • In other news from yesterday, President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to 24 servicemen, who had been denied it because of past prejudice. Three of them were there, and there’s a nice slide show over at Yahoo about their journey to the White House. One of the interesting things (for me, at least) is that they were all fitted with new uniforms, and once in DC, the Army’s Old Guard had details ready for them to set up their uniforms. The Old Guard are the soldiers who are the ceremonial unit, they man the Tomb of the Unknown. They’re the ones whose uniforms are always … perfect. 😆

    • addisnana

      We watched the ceremony yesterday. It started on MSNBC and we had to move to CSpan to finish it. Very touching. The behind the scenes slide show was good and thanks for the link. I wondered how the three living recipients still fit into their uniforms and now I know.

      Watching it set off very mixed emotions for me. Happy for the recipients that they were finally recognized and dismayed that the process back when didn’t honor them because of race and religion and whatever else we used as “criteria.”

      • Even if they could still fit into their uniforms, the uniforms today are not the uniforms from back then. Just as a side note, from personal experience, most Army enlisted personnel didn’t bother buying “dress blues” either. 😉

    • Gardener

      Yes, I agree. It was on the national news yesterday evening. Better late than never. I imagine the nutjobs will be muttering…..

    • winterbanyan

      I was so touched by this ceremony. Imagine waiting so long for the recognition earned at the cost of so much. Listening to the stories, I found myself pondering how many others we will never hear about who did such courageous, selfless things under horrific circumstances that didn’t rise to Medal of Honor level. And how many more did such things and some bigot never reported it.

      I was so glad to see this ceremony, though. Better late than never, as Gardener said.

  • addisnana

    Last night’s Our Earth is a must read. Damn chemical companies and we can’t leave them unsupervised for a minute. Don’t we ever just learn something and stick with it?

    • glendaw271

      Logged in late, but there is some important additional information related to this. While I agree that I’m not fond of the fact that another chemical company is getting into the genetic alteration of seeds in order to sell more of their insecticide, I feel it is important to clarify a point that was not done in the article.

      The article seems to equate 2,4-D to Agent Orange. It was a part of Agent Orange. However, the chemical part of Agent Orange that has made it so deadly and long lasting is the other part of the mixture – 2,4,5-T, because it contained a very nasty contaminate.

      As some of you may remember, I’ve investigated this before, as my brother was exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and is suffering from complications.

      • addisnana

        Thanks for the additional info Glenda. Is what they are using simply an insect iced then?

  • LI Mike

    Good morning,

    Ms LI Mike and I took in the Pop Culture exhibit at the Boca Raton Museum of Art yesterday. Some iconic exhibits on display like Warhol’s panel of variations on Marilyn Monroe. Works by Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstein, et al. Who would have guessed that profundity could be extracted from sculptures, paintings, woodwork of things like Hostess Cupcakes, Orange Crush cans and other items from mass production and consumerism.

    Which gives me an idea. My first art exhibit will consist of two golf balls, one pristine, just out of the sleeve, the other marred by too many hits on the equator. I’ll call it “Mis-hits, industrial production destroys the globe.”

    Side note: lichtenstein’s

    • Well, if you get the right dealer, you could make some big money selling your original art. 😛

    • winterbanyan

      I must admit, I never “got” pop-art. I do get that a lot of folks do, and still go ga-ga over it after all this time, but appreciation is well beyond me. I must have some kind of blind spot. 😉

      I hope you had a great time. And if you decide to do your sculpture of golf balls, you could become famous… with the right gallery. I kind of like your idea. 🙂

  • LI Mike

    To finish that thought…Roy Lichtenstein’s widow, Dorothy, is a major financial supporter of our local Democrats. I’ve been to her Southampton mansion by way of introduction by Cong Tim Bishop.

    Tim prepped her to say that us locals would ask for a contribution. So, after introductions and pleasantries she asked me, “So, Mike, how can I help.” I mentioned how NYS campaign contribution limits to party committees are quite generous, capped at $90,000.” Her response: “We’ll, I can’t do $90,000, how about $20,000.”

    That was in 2007, she’s been contributing at least $10,000 every year since.

    • addisnana

      Good for you and for her! Mentioning the top limit and leaving it open was a great approach. I think for your ‘exhibit’ to get attention you’ll need a series of still life s.
      Maybe a ball in a fish bowl and one buried in sand and one stuck in some shrubs….This may be a new career for you. Maybe you could sell them to golf courses and forget about the art exhibit approach.

    • winterbanyan

      Sounds like a truly wonderful lady! 🙂

      • LI Mike

        She is a very nice lady. We’ve heard that she’s reached out to her wealthy friends to help us out but so far they’ve declined.

        Thanks everyone for the golf art suggestions…my millions are your millions.

        I agree Winter, pop art has eluded my appreciation meter also. But now that I’ve had that golf ball idea….hmmmm.