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Campus Chatter – November 3, 2013

November 3, 2013

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Campus Chatter – November 3, 2013

Today in history, greetings, and social banter here. (More)

Giovanni Villani recorded massive damage as the River Arno flooded Florence, Italy today (1333). Also, England’s Henry VII and France’s Charles VIII signed the Peace of Étaples (1492), Christopher Columbus signed the Caribbean island of Dominica (1493), the Continental Army was disbanded (1783), the Bank of Montréal was founded (1817), as was The Times of India (1838), Johan Rudolf Thorbecke drafted the revised Dutch Constitution that established a parliamentary democracy and limited the powers of the monarchy (1848), Louisiana’s John Menard became the first African-American elected to Congress, although the House refused to seat him (1868), Charles “Black Bart the Poet” Bowles made his last stagecoach robbery, leaving a clue that led to his capture (1883), Panama separated from Colombia (1903), Poland declared independence (1918), Godzilla debuted in Japan (1954), a dog named Laika went into orbit aboard Sputnik 2 (1957), Congress set aside the land that would become New Jersey’s Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (1960), residents of Washington, D.C. voted in their first presidential election (1964), President Richard Nixon asked the “silent majority” to support him on the Vietnam War (1969), NASA launched Mariner 10 en route to Mercury (1973), Dominica gained independence (1978), five people were killed when Ku Klux Klansmen and Neo-Nazis opened fire on a Communist Workers Party rally in Greensboro, North Carolina (1979), 2000 people died when a fire swept through the Salang Tunnel in Afghanistan (1982), Ash-Shiraa reported that the United States had been secretly selling weapons to Iran in order to secure the release of seven American hostages held by pro-Iranian groups in Lebanon, on the same day the Federated States of Micronesia gained independence (1986), and Sri Lankan Tamil mercenaries attempted a coup d’état in the Maldives (1988). And the U.S. imposed economic sanctions in Sudan in response to human rights abuses and support for Islamic extremist groups in the Middle East and Africa (1997).


Good morning! ::hugggggs::

35 Responses to “Campus Chatter – November 3, 2013”

  1. NCrissieB Says:

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    Today on Campus

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  2. Norbrook Says:

    Good morning! I hope everyone’s clocks have been set correctly! The only clock I have left to reset is my body clock, and that may take a few days. It’s currently 25 and cloudy here. Not much in the way plans for the day, except football seems to be on the menu. ;-) I probably should start doing the reorganizing of my apartment, what with all the stuff moved back from the field that needs to be somehow shoehorned back into its place until next year. First thing is to find my ambition, it’s got to be around here somewhere. :lol:

    • addisnana Says:

      For days like this I liked the line, “My get up and go got up and went.” Good luck finding yours. :)

      • Norbrook Says:

        I always have a “get up and go” deficiency right after field season. ;-) I’m sure it’ll return at some point. :lol:

        I have a set of field stuff – mostly clothing, with some other items – and the “big task” is to make sure it’s all nice and clean, folded, and stored in the large suitcase which will then be placed in my closet. It makes it easy when field season rolls around again, because all I have to really do is throw the suitcase in the car, stop at the grocery store on the way, and go. Somehow, coming back is a little more involved. :roll:

    • NCrissieB Says:

      The clocks at Casa Crissie are now set correctly. When I awoke at Squirrel Standard Time, one clock at Casa Crissie had not yet been correctly. As it happens, that is the clock by the bed. So I was up at Squirrel Standard Time minus one hour. :roll:

      This oversight will be rectified…. ;-)

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  3. addisnana Says:

    Good Morning. I really dislike daylight savings time and the older I get the harder the adjustment is and the less sense it makes. At least my computer and my phone change themselves. The clock in my car remains a trial and error random button pushing exercise until somehow I remember how to reset it. Clocks must be very inexpensive to add to devices because everything seems to have one. I smile when I remember the person who ‘fixed’ their blinking VCR clock with a piece of black electrical tape. :)

    MinnPost has a good interview with Robbie Kaplan who argued Edith Windsor’s DOMA case before the Supreme Court.

    And then obviously I never thought when I was growing up in Ohio that I would ever — I never thought I would be gay, I never thought I would be married to a woman and I sure as hell never thought that I would argue my first case before the Supreme Court, win it and have it be a landmark.

    • LI Mike Says:

      “I smile when I remember the person who ‘fixed’ their blinking VCR clock with a piece of black electrical tape. :)”

      I smile now in the retelling.

    • Norbrook Says:

      I love this one – pragmatic politics and all:

      MP: Do you think this is less risky for elected officials now?

      RK: Oh, no question. At the federal level I think it’s risky to be anti-equality at this point. The fact that the New Jersey Supreme Court did what it did, handed [Gov.] Chris Christie the best favor he’s ever gotten. He’s thrilled — I guarantee you he is thrilled the issue is now off of the table.

      True. He got to eat his cake and have it to with that one. He got to be “against it,” but (sigh) ;-) them there liberal courts forced him, so well, not an issue in the election…

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Digital clocks are common additions to electronic devices because they use the same standardized chip. How standardized? Well, go get your digital alarm clock. I’ll wait….

      ::whistles Jeopardy theme::

      Welcome back. Now press the Alarm and Hour (or Minute) buttons at the same time, as you would to change the time of your alarm. Now release the Alarm button but keep holding the Hour (or Minute) button. You’ll see the display change to the time of day, and that will keep changing until you release the Hour (or Minute) button.

      This is a bug. You’re not supposed to be able to reset the time-of-day without pushing the Time button. But if you push the Alarm button and your finger slips off it while you are holding the Hour or Minute button, you’ll change the time-of-day instead. If your range timer has an Alarm function, it will probably work the same way … because they all use the same (buggy) chip.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

    • winterbanyan Says:

      That’s great quote. I’ll definitely be reading it as soon as I peel my eyes open. Now why should that take so long when the clocks have moved in the correct direction? Quite simple. I forgot my bedtime medication last night. Woke and saw the clock said 3 am. Thought… that’s plenty of time, so I popped the pill. Hah. Only after I took it did I realize that former time was an hour later, and I really should have skipped it….zzzzz.

      So yes, still trying to wake up. Don’t remind me what time it used to be. ;)

  4. LI Mike Says:

    Good Morning,

    Cold weather heading this way.

    Spent 5 hours canvassing and GOTVing yesterday. There’s always an interesting connection to make at the doors. Met a guy who was an associate of Daniel Ellsburg, got on Nixon’s secret enemies list, had his phone tapped. He had quite a few stories to tell. All that and he and his wife are voting for our candidates.

    • Gardener Says:

      Good on you, Mike. Good on you!

    • addisnana Says:

      Cool story! I love canvasing because of the neat people you get to meet and the stories they share.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      What a cool story, Mike! :grin: I love the personal stories we gather when phone-banking or canvassing. Those stories remind me of why politics is always … personal. :grin:

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

    • winterbanyan Says:

      Very cool story, Mike. :) Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Gardener Says:

    Good morning!

    Clear conditions and 35 chilly degrees today. Have Sunday School, church, and a birthday party for a 3 year old for today. The birthday boy is Kenny-Wenny’s grandson, he’s a cutie. The grandson, not K-W…

    Yesterday found me in the garden, wrecking dead tomato and pepper plants. Not near done, either! Supposed to be nice over the weekend and Monday, then more rain moving in for tuesday. Promised to help PW walk conservation easements monday, but I’d of rather worked on something else. Mebbe she’ll take me out to lunch? :)

    This is the day most Republicans should be happy. They get to turn the clock back!

    Hope all are well.

    Best, G

    PS: This is also the chance for teh TV machine news folk to say something like, “It takes some people a whole week to adjust to the time change.” Really? Try a few decades of shift work, if you want to see you some artifical jet lag…

  6. LI Mike Says:

    I’ve mentioned before that my co-leader for Obama in Southampton Town got a job in the NYS State ACA Exchange. I saw her yesterday and we spoke about the roll out and computer malfunction. She’s livid. Both of us worked in health care. She was an Exec Dir for a women’s health group with a primary focus on breast cancer. Both of us, recognizing the promise of ACA, worked to get the president re-elected so that new consumer protection, new delivery modes and the uninsured could get insurance. We talked a lot last year about how important it was to re-elect the president because of the ACA. Very disappointing that things weren’t better on 10/1.

    Hope it’s true that in 6 months things will be much better and this period in ACA’s history will be a blip in the memory banks.

    • Gardener Says:

      Amen brother!

    • Norbrook Says:

      I think it’s important to draw the distinction between the law, and the website. Yes the website is a mess, but the law works. ;-)

      I think in many ways, the problems with the website have a lot to do with Republican obstructionism. We’ve had any number of budget cuts, shutdowns, potential revamps, court challenges, etc., etc., etc. since this law passed, and all of it combined to delay things like necessary regulations as well as states failing to set up their own exchanges or decline expanded Medicaid. Which feeds back into the web site having to handle something else that wasn’t in the original plan. :roll:

    • addisnana Says:

      I figure once the website is up and running and relatively problem free, the Republicans will go back to Benghazi hearings. I kind of look forward to this in a weird way.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      If is running smoothly by November 30th, as several administration officials have now promised, I doubt the glitch will have much effect. Most wait for deadlines, so the federal exchange should still reach the 7.5 million enrollment target.

      If is not running smoothly by November 30th … then get livid.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  7. glendaw271 Says:

    Good morning! It looks like a quiet day on tap for today.