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Morning Feature – Error, Error (Meta Monday)

February 18, 2013

Morning Feature

Morning Feature – Error, Error (Meta Monday)

The resident faculty left a screen printout of an error message outside the mail room this morning. As our computers seem to be working, we hope this was a clue. (More)

First our thanks to last week’s writers:

On Monday, you shared your stories of offline political activism in Things We Did This Week, addisnana asked about The Department of Peace? in Midday Matinee, and winterbanyan shared New “Tree of Life” Constructed in Our Earth.

On Tuesday, addisnana dreamed of being King, Queen, or Pope for a Day in Morning Feature, the Squirrel mused on All My Children in Furthermore!, and readers helped tell Tuesday’s Tale: The Papal Primary Debate in Midday Matinee.

On Wednesday, we celebrated A Stirring State of the Union in Morning Feature, the Squirrel ranted about When ‘Experts’ Aren’t in Furthermore!, addisnana offered 21st Century Spelling in Midday Matinee, and winterbanyan reported on Innovation: How Does It Work? in Our Earth.

On Thursday, we began our series on Tom Allen’s new book Dangerous Convictions with Two Parties, Two Worldviews in Morning Feature, triciawyse shared Fursdai Furries in Midday Matinee, and winterbanyan found A New Importance for Biodiversity in Our Earth.

On Friday, we continued our series on Dangerous Convictions with Two Principles, Four Cases in Morning Feature and triciawyse brought us Frieday Critters in Midday Matinee.

On the weekend, we concluded our series on Dangerous Convictions with Investing in Pie in Saturday’s Morning Feature, Ms. Crissie was asked about Desperate Times? in Sunday’s Morning Feature, Winning Progressive shared Weekend Reading in Furthermore!, and winterbanyan brought our weekly Eco News Roundup in Our Earth.

Note: Please share your stories of offline political activism in Things We Did This Week.

Note: Winning Progressive will host Morning Feature this Tuesday through Thursday.

Thus we return to the error message screen capture left outside the mail room as the resident faculty made their way from the wine cellar library where they spent the weekend drinking thinking on our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”) to the hot tub faculty lounge for their weekly game where the underwear goes flying planning conference.

As our computers are working – even if the staff are not – we concluded this was a clue. We asked Chef for her insights on its meaning, and she replied “Red Six on the Black Five.”

The Professor of Astrology Janitor moved that card across his screen while saying “Six in the side, two rails for the Seven.”

Pootie the Precious lined up that shot on her iHazPhone while texting “Da mudderbird!”

The Squirrel fired at that on his Blewberry while texting “Red Dragons.”

Chef clicked those pieces on her screen and said “Black Ten on the Red Jack.”

Not wanting to interrupt this community effort, your lowly mail room clerk noted that as the resident faculty have only a two-day series this week and as there were many unresolved questions from last week’s discussion, the error message clue means they will likely spend Friday and Saturday exploring the common errors spawned by a dogmatic worldview.

We also note that V-E-X in the lower right would give you a nice triple word score.


Happy Monday!

  • winterbanyan

    I’m glad we’re going to discuss some of the questions that arose from last week’s discussion of dogmatism. I frankly found that disturbing, and I spent a lot of time thinking and talking about it. In fact, I even had one dream about it, in which I was arguing politics. I awoke still arguing.

    Last week left me unsettled, obviously.


    • NCrissieB

      Today’s Morning Feature comments would be an excellent place to post questions about last week’s series. We’ll pass them along to the resident faculty and ask them to address the questions on Friday and Saturday. 🙂

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

      • winterbanyan

        If I had specific questions, it would be easier. 🙂 Right now I’m very much at sea about this problem and dealing with it. So much so that I’m still trying to grasp the dimensions.

  • addisnana

    I think I understand Allen’s points and I liked the Saturday conclusions that Ms. Crissie offered. The series was very thought provoking! I am struggling to find some categories for the Republicans’ ‘principles’ and how they talk about them. Some are fact resistant, some rely on smears, other reek of hypocrisy. I’m looking forward to more on this. I’d like some SUCCESS (simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional stories) or sticky labels that call out their process in ways that cut across the examples.

    • NCrissieB

      We hope the resident faculty will accommodate your needs, addisnana. It’s important to spot flawed arguments, even when we don’t have a wealth of specific facts on a given topic. Fortunately, the dogmatic worldview tends to spawn recognizable patterns of flawed arguments … and the resident faculty will explore those this week.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  • Jim W

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