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Campus Question – February 14, 2013

February 14, 2013

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Campus Question – February 14, 2013

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Today the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre delivered his response to President Obama’s State of the Union, after writing in The Daily Caller: “After Hurricane Sandy, we saw the hellish world that the gun prohibitionists see as their utopia. Looters ran wild in south Brooklyn.” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough told Republicans to shun LaPierre, saying “and he said, Hispanic drug gangs are coming to America. And those terrible people in Brooklyn. Don’t go out after dark. I mean, this is so laced with racial overtones.” Can you respond before Those People overrun your house?

5 Responses to “Campus Question – February 14, 2013”

  1. NCrissieB Says:

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  2. addisnana Says:

    I’d be tempted to send these imaginary gangs to DC, given how I feel about the just concluded Senate vote on Hagel, I think I’d pay their cab fare to the US Capitol and tell them to have at it. DC needs a shake up and filibuster reform.

    LaPierre lives in his own fantasy world. He has “gone round the bend.” I tend to think that LaPierre is helping the cause of gun safety by his completely unreal comments.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      The irony: had Senate Majority Leader Reid held a vote on the 40-to-sustain (rather than the current 60-to-end) a filibuster – and had Senate Democrats backed that proposal – the Hagel filibuster would have ended today. The GOP had only 39 votes, but Democrats had only 59 … so Sen. Reid switched over and voted to sustain the filibuster. (The final vote was 58-40.)

      Note: Senator Reid switched his vote for procedural reasons. Because he offered the motion for cloture, and voted against it, he can move to recommit when the Senate return on February 25.

      Under the proposed 40-to-sustain rule, had Sen. Reid not switched his vote, this filibuster would have died with only 39 votes to sustain.

      Also worth noting: after the vote, Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Lamar Alexander (R-TX) said they would vote to end the filibuster on February 25. So this was only a delay.

  3. NCrissieB Says:

    I gotta say, Wayne LaPierre is the best possible argument for sensible gun safety rules. He presents himself as a seething cauldron of racism and paranoid delusion – exactly the kind of person who shouldn’t own guns – because he knows that persona will sell more guns. Ya gotta wonder….

    • addisnana Says:

      Well, if we all got to vote on whether or not LaPierre should carry a weapon, I’d vote no just based on his crazy statements. There’s more to life for me than selling guns.