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Campus Question – February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

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Campus Question – February 4, 2013

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Yesterday the Washington Post‘s Cecilia Kang reported that new FCC rules may create “super WiFi networks across the nation, so powerful and broad in reach that consumers could use them to make calls or surf the Internet without paying a cellphone bill every month.” But telecom giants are rallying in opposition, reports Business Insider‘s Walter Hickey. Or maybe not, writes AEIdeas‘ Jeffrey Eisenach, who insists frequencies the Post says would be for public use will instead be sold to private telecoms. Will the FCC try to create national public WiFi?

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  • addisnana

    National Public Wifi? Sign me up. I won’t hold my breath but what a great way to put citizens on the same information highway. I can’t imagine that my cell phone and wifi provider, Verizon will be in favor of their business model going poof.

  • From the sounds of it, it’s going to be interesting, but possibly not quite as large as the commercially controlled bandwidth. That said, the telecoms have been particularly … slow and stingy … when it comes to rolling out their services in areas outside of the metropolitan centers. That’s in addition to the rather onerous charges they like to tack on, as well as several “gotchas” when it comes to using them. A little “free” competition might cause them to actually … compete. 😉