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Midday Matinee – Preparing?

January 23, 2013

Midday Matinee

Midday Matinee – Preparing?

Think of all the things we are supposed to be preparing for. How’s it going? Are you prepared? (More)

Midday Matinee is our people watching, people doing and people being feature. Join the Woodland Creatures for an afternoon break.

Here’s a quick list from the headlines and a google search. Only click on the links if that particular topic scares you, is pertinent to your life, or interests you. This is a random and far from thorough list. We should be preparing for; economic collapse, earthquakes, retirement, a job interview, storms, hurricanes, an IRS audit, emergencies, floods, a double dip recession, severe weather, a Small Business Administration loan, your state income tax return, having a mammogram, a power outage, a volcanic eruption, a tsunami and your portfolio for climate change.

The above list is mostly natural and financial disasters. I did skip the financial cliff articles because we have seemingly averted that disaster. The list could go on ad infinitum if we added how to prepare all kinds of foods. I have of course skipped the web sites that tell us how to prepare for armageddon or the government coming for our guns. If you are into preparing for that you may want to look into The Citadel.

“Imagine living in a neighborhood where you know every single neighbor on your street, in your neighborhood, and in the entire town, has qualified Riflemen inside, ready to come to your aid at a moments notice, whether to help you change a tire, fix a problem, or cover your back in a firefight with an Enemy of Liberty.”

“Marxists, Socialists, Liberals and Establishment Republicans will likely find that life in our community is incompatible with their existing ideology and preferred lifestyles,” the project’s website states.

If northern Idao and the Citadel don’t suit you, there’s always Glenn Beck’s planned city Independence USA.

The main purpose of this community would be to isolate its residents from the propaganda that Beck believes Americans are exposed to in their current society, as well as provide them with freedom and a place to live that doesn’t discriminate based on income.

The idea resembles that of John Galt, a character in Ayn Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged”. In the book, Galt leads a number of society’s most productive citizens on a strike, evoking a utopian world in which its residents live without the authority of society and government. Similarly, Beck hopes to lead his own group of people into a world isolated from the rest.

Not a prepper or a doomsday prepper? Don’t feel you’d be welcome at The Citadel or Independence? Don’t even go grocery shopping with a list? You’ve obviously missed the preparation bandwagon. In fairness to some of the links above, they are mostly very informative and helpful, especially if a certain natural disaster is likely where you live.

Want a different kind of preparation? How about this, just for today. Smile at the people you meet. Catch someone doing something good and thank them. Hug your friends and family. Care and be kind. You might not be prepared but you might just have a very pleasant day.

  • winterbanyan

    The whole idea of the Citadel appalls me. One of the things I have always enjoyed about this country is the diversity of it. To seal oneself behind walls with only the people who think and behave exactly the same way you do seems boring and idiotic to me, frankly.

    Admittedly, you may not have to argue politics with anyone, but I’ve found most of us find things to argue about anyway. Part of our nature. Political and lifestyle agreement in general doesn’t guarantee mind-numbing peace. In fact, people will find ways to add excitement… and not all of it will be good.

    Ah well, let them enjoy their isolation…as long as they can stand it.

  • addisnana

    Prospective members of the Citadel who are as careful with their finances as they are their ideology may want to take note:

    Finally, and not without some controversy in the survivalist world, there is Christian “Sam” Kerodin. Kerodin has a bit of a back story. In early 2004, Kerodin pleaded guilty to extortion and possession of an unregistered short-barreled rifle in a bizarre case in which he was accused of demanding money from mall owners to avoid bad publicity.
    Before publishing the reports, Kerodin approached mall executives, and told them he would not publish negative information about their malls if they hired him to do security assessments.

    The entire piece at Talking Points Memo is worth reading.

  • NCrissieB

    Both the Citadel and Beckistan describe right-wing Nirvana: where their worldview is not simply one among many, but the only worldview allowed in the community. That, they insist, is “freedom.”

    That same attitude helps explain why evangelicals are the only group who believe their “religious freedom” has been curtailed over the past ten years:

    Unlike every other group, Evangelicals overwhelmingly oppose traditional pluralism and believe instead that Christian values should be given preference in the United States.

    While 2/3 of all adults surveyed agreed that ‘no one set of values should dominate the country,’ only 37% of Evangelicals agreed with this statement. They were more than twice as likely to say that Judeo-Christian values should be given preference in the U.S. (54% to 23%). Again, no other group held this as a majority viewpoint, even Catholics and other Christian segments of the population.

    Like the folks at Beckistan and the Citadel, evangelicals think “freedom” means living in a community where everyone agrees with you.

    • addisnana

      All I can say to these ideologically pure groups is, “good luck with that.” It defies almost all the behavioral science research I can remember. I suppose they could resort to BBQ contests for the best recipe or something, but there will be contests and there will be disagreements.

  • KVoimakas

    Anyone else find it hilarious that this:

    Imagine living in a neighborhood where you know every single neighbor on your street, in your neighborhood, and in the entire town, has qualified Riflemen inside, ready to come to your aid at a moments notice, whether to help you change a tire, fix a problem, or cover your back in a firefight with an Enemy of Liberty.”

    Seems to be more of a liberal idea than a conservative one? At least when it comes to the group ideology. Who is more likely to say “Oh, someone needs help” instead of “FU. I have mine!”

    • addisnana

      Nice observation, KV. I take it that the Citadel isn’t exactly your kind of place. I find myself with a range of reactions from amused to horrified but then I’d never be admitted.