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Campus Question – December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012

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Campus Question – December 4, 2012

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A new Public Policy Polling survey found that 49% of Republicans believe ACORN stole the 2012 election for President Obama, down from 52% who believed ACORN stole the 2008 election, perhaps because ACORN disbanded in 2010. In other results from the PPP survey: 25% of Republicans want their states to secede, 39% of Americans have opinions on the Bowles-Simpson plan, and 25% have opinions on the Panetta-Burns plan which, like ACORN, does not exist. Amidst so much speculation, should Congress investigate Panetta-Burns?

  • NCrissieB

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  • addisnana

    I think they should legalize pot so they have an excuse for these survey results. 🙂

  • Ye gods. 😯 I know we talk about “low information voters,” but somehow, as bad as it seems, something comes along to show that it’s even worse. 😥

  • NCrissieB

    Consider that in 2008, roughly 28% of Americans identified as Republicans and 52% of those thought ACORN stole the election. That works out to about 14.5% of Americans worried about ACORN fraud … and Congress went to work investigating. They eventually cleared ACORN of any wrongdoing, but regardless….

    Now 25% of Americans have opinions about the Panetta-Burns plan, and fully 17% oppose it. Never mind that there is no Panetta-Burns plan – there was no ACORN fraud either. With that many Americans speculating, I think Congress should call Panetta and Burns in for hearings and find out what, exactly, they’re not planning….

  • Jim W

    Of course the Republican Congress should investigate Panetta-Burns.

  • Gardener

    Oh, the uncertainty!