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Campus Question – November 24, 2012

November 24, 2012

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Campus Question – November 24, 2012

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Today someone, somewhere, did something. Many applauded the move, saying it was very good, or at least good enough, and long overdue. Others objected, saying it was too much, not enough, and/or too soon. Most experts agreed with one of those positions, while most news viewers thought experts were divided. What do you think, generically speaking?


8 Responses to “Campus Question – November 24, 2012”

  1. NCrissieB Says:

    I should add that some of those who objected also said it was too late. But they’re ill-informed, stupid, and/or heartless.

    Regardless, I agree with the experts who support my opinion.

  2. addisnana Says:

    First, always follow the money. Who paid for what and who stands to gain or lose? Second, if following the money is too much digging with too little results, look for a sex scandal. Lots of results with little digging because men think about sex (so I’m told or I read it on the internet) lots of times every hour. You can always find a man or a woman who will talk about sex or complain about the lack of it. People are always divided on this issue and everyone has an opinion or a position. Just look at how far talking about women’s bodies got the Republicans.

  3. Norbrook Says:

    I think a football team will win today that shouldn’t have. Of course, fans of that team will assert that they did.

  4. Lake Toba Says:

    Generally speaking, one should hold an informed opinion about nothing while pontificating about everything. More or less. While I agree that it is possible to respond, typically I refuse to refute the irrefutable.

  5. winterbanyan Says:

    Dang, when are those someones going to stop doing something? There is a nonending struggle to form opinions about nothing so why do we need to think about something as well?