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Things We Did This Week – November 12-18, 2012

November 19, 2012


Things We Did This Week – November 12-18, 2012

Please share your stories of offline political activism here. (More)

This week I attended my county Democratic Executive Committee meeting, where we celebrated our party’s 2012 victories. As Vice Chair, I thanked our members for their hard work and described how their efforts contributed to victories for President Obama, Senator Bill Nelson, and other Democratic candidates in Florida. If you ever get the chance to dance in a conga line with other Democrats, led by President Obama, don’t miss it. He’s an amazing dancer, even as a life-sized cardboard poster….

I also completed the survey that OFA are circulating to all campaign workers. Please don’t skip this survey. It’s your chance to give them feedback on what parts of the campaign organization you found most helpful, and to identify the issues you’d like OFA to focus on in the coming months and years. I asked them to commit their data, methods, and enthusiasm helping elect more Democrats in state and local races, so more hardworking Americans can benefit from effective, progressive government at all levels.

  • LI Mike

    Hi Crissie,

    Does laughing at the TV when Sens. McCain and Graham came on constitute offline political activism?

    I, too, completed the survey, Crissie. Whenever I got the chance, I wrote “climate change.”

    A bunch of us OFAers discussed reconvening to discuss what OFA techniques work at the local level.

    • NCrissieB

      Thank you for your activism, Mike. Completing the OFA survey definitely counts, although I’ll have to check the Official BPI Offline Activism Best Practices Guidelines about laughing out loud when Sens. McCain and Graham are on TV. 😉

      I agree that climate change is a big issue, and I mentioned that as well. President Obama and Democrats led us in amazing strides on that over the past four years, far more than most Americans realize. But we still need to better prepare for climate change-related events like Sandy, which will get more common no matter what we do now.

  • winterbanyan

    Filled out the OFA Survey as well, indicating my interest in continuing to volunteer in a number of areas. Also indicated that we needed to focus on local races as well as national issues, and better coordinate with local parties.

    Also attended my party meeting and made some new friends among volunteers. I hope they’ll become regulars. 🙂

    • NCrissieB

      Thank you for your activism, winterbanyan. I join your hope that many of the people who volunteered for the 2012 campaign will stay engaged with their local party groups going forward. We need their energy and enthusiasm as we prepare for 2014 and beyond.

  • Jim W

    I filled out the survey. Mentioned local races and climate change.

    • NCrissieB

      Thank you for your activism, Jim. 🙂 In the U.S., government is like a chain and rarely stronger than its weakest link. Most federal programs will have little impact where you live unless your state and local governments cooperate with and complement those federal efforts.

  • sjterrid

    I filled out the OFA survey yesterday. Today, I added my voice to why there shouldn’t be a tax increase for 97% of Americans. This was a response to an e-mail I received from the campaign.

    I haven’t shared my experience with the GOTV, because my cable and Internet were down, due to one of my tree’s small branches cutting the wire when Sandy struck. I was extremely lucky that I didn’t lose any power. Around the corner from my house a big tree fell and knocked down a utility pole down. Luckily no one was hurt, and It didn’t hit any of the houses when it fell and there was a very quick response from our emergency responders.

    I worked every day for our 4 1/2 day GOTV except for 4 hours due to a doctor’s appointment at campaign headquarters. I must have made about 1000 calls into PA. Our group South Jersey Citizen’s for Change/OFA made a total of 46,000 calls. It was great seeing how many volunteers came to canvass to PA, make calls, or do data entry. We were all screaming when the results from PA came in. It made me feel that all the calls and time I was spending actually may have helped.

    All the democratic candidates in my district won. Unfortunately, because of redistricting Ocean County’s democratic challenger lost to the incumbent Congressman Runyun. I felt really bad, because I didn’t spend a lot of time time making calls for the NJ State Democratic Candidates. I did contribute to her campaign though.