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Campus Question – November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012

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Campus Question – November 8, 2012

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On Tuesday, 54% of Puerto Ricans voted to change their status as a U.S. commonwealth and 61% wanted to become a U.S. state. Yet the wording of the question, voters who didn’t vote on both questions, and the vote’s non-binding nature make the result a bit more murky, and House Republicans might well use that as an excuse to avoid adding a solidly Democratic 51st state. Which of the 51-star flags suggested here would you prefer?

  • NCrissieB

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  • NCrissieB

    By law, Congress can pass a bill admitting Puerto Rico as our 51st state, even without a formal request from the Puerto Rican governor or a referendum. But President Obama said this was something the Puerto Rican people should vote on, and that he would press Congress to act if this election showed “a clear majority.”

    I think this referendum showed that majority, but there were enough under-votes – people who expressed dissatisfaction with the current U.S. commonwealth status but didn’t vote at all on the statehood question – that House Republicans could argue it wasn’t a “clear majority.” Or they could just refuse to consider it.

    I hope they will consider it, and that Congress will admit Puerto Rico as our 51st state.

    And as to the question …

    … I really like the 51 stars in a circle, the first image at that link. It harkens back to our original 13-star flag, and I think it’s the prettiest of the 51-star arrangements.

  • winterbanyan

    I’d love to see the circle of stars. 🙂 It’s reminiscent of our original flag.

    I’d also love to see Puerto Rico become our 51st state, but regardless of whether the referendum causes the country to apply to become the next state, I see an endless line of roadblocks from the red section of Congress.

    Pity, because it would be the first time in our history we ever denied statehood to someone who wanted to join the Union. And wouldn’t that just be ugly beyond belief?

    So maybe it’s best this referendum isn’t binding, and folks aren’t really certain who voted for what. For now, at least.

  • I rather like the second one. 🙂 I thnk that the referendum was rather … murky in its results, although there now seems to be a distinct preference for statehood.

    Oh, and one of my “blogs I read” has a great post up about the right wing freak-out.

  • Jim W

    I agree with winterbanyan. I would also love to see the circle of stars. I think we should skip a step. We should admit D.C. also and go to 52 stars. First elect a Democratic Congress.

    • winterbanyan

      I agree about D.C. Jim. The decision to keep the district in a sort of limbo may have made sense when members of congress actually lived there, but there’s no excuse any longer. They deserve full statehood and a voice in the Federal government.