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Furthermore! – Data Defeats Anecdotes, Gut Feelings

November 7, 2012


Furthermore! – Data Defeats Anecdotes, Gut Feelings

In one of this year’s most important races, Data (D-Knowledge) easily defeated Anecdotes (R) and Gut Feelings (P). (More)

You didn’t see any the names on your ballot, but squirrels and many other observers were tracking one of 2012’s most important races and I’m pleased to report that Data (D-Knowledge) resoundingly defeated both his Republican challenger Anecdotes and the Pundit Party’s Gut Feelings.

Indeed the race wasn’t even close, as Data’s winning coalition included:

This powerful coalition pushed Data to return as leader of Knowledge, a victory now being celebrated by squirrels and others in Realworldia.

Good day and good nuts.

  • winterbanyan

    Great column, Squirrel. I’m glad to see the numbers suggest that Data won over gut feeling and lies.

    As for me, last night is going to require a nap today. Maybe you should take one, too.

  • addisnana

    Very sound analysis!

    This doesn’t bode well for the Republicans who tend to discount both data and science. If you don’t believe in data, your bubble of anecdotes and gut feelings will lead you down some strange paths. The best part about last night is that the data from the voters was real. The GOP’s gut feelings resulted in a punch to their collective GOP guts.