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Campus Question – November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012

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Campus Question – November 6, 2012

Tonight’s question, greetings, and banter here. (More)

Did you help Get Out The Vote today?

  • NCrissieB
  • NCrissieB

    I worked at my county Democratic Party campaign office today, fielding calls from voters who needed rides to polls and other assistance. We had a very busy day, and there was a lot of energy among the many volunteers who came to make GOTV calls, drive voters, and hold signs and hand out voter information cards at polling stations.

    The polls have already closed in parts of Indiana and Kentucky and many states’ polls close at 7pm ET. I’ll be watching the election returns and live-blogging here in Evening Focus, and the Squirrel will watch the Twitterverse all evening.

    What did you do today?

  • Good evening! I’ve voted, and what surprised me (slightly) was that for a change, Democrats had candidates for every position on the ballot, and even one unopposed candidate! 😯 It’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve seen that. It’ll be interesting to see if we can build on that in next year’s local elections. Bugged a few people about getting out to vote, and hopefully, they’ll get their butts into the voting booth.

    Now it’s just a waiting game. I’m debating making a beer run, but after long consideration, I’ve decided not to indulge. Mainly because I tend to fall asleep after one or two, and that would rather inhibit my desire to stay up and watch the results come in

    Best voting story I’ve seen:

    At 21, Galicia Malone of Dolton is eligible to vote for the first time in a presidential election.

    As WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, she’s also pregnant with her first child. So when her labor began at 3 a.m., she held off going to the hospital until she was able to go to her polling place and vote.

    “I never voted before so this made a major difference in my life,” she said. “And I wanted this to be a stepping-stone for my daughter.”

    Now, let’s hear any idiot excuse for not voting. 😆

    • NCrissieB

      I think that definitely qualifies as “determined to vote,” Norbrook. 🙂

    • winterbanyan

      That definitely defines “determined to vote.” Love the story. Thanks, Norbrook. 🙂

  • winterbanyan

    I spent about an hour today making GOTV calls for OFA. Most of them were pretty nice: people had already voted Dem. One was really cool, though. The guy was standing in line when I called and said he was going to stay until he voted even though it would make him late for work. I said I hoped his boss wouldn’t give him too much trouble. He said he’d already called, but he wasn’t leaving until he cast his vote for Obama.

    • NCrissieB

      What a great story, winterbanyan! 😀

  • addisnana

    I walked door to door, two complete turfs = about 220 doors and 50 contacts. About 6 miles in light rain….

    I didn’t phone bank as I have hyper-extended my extroversion the last three weeks.

    Stopped at a gas station and ended up talking with about 20 young black youth. I got on my cell to find out what precinct they voted in and we had a fun
    chat about Obama and voting. It was social studies 101 in the parking lot. I passed out a couple of Obama buttons and they took off to vote. Very cool exchange!

  • glendaw271

    A very late update from Iowa, but a very happy one! Starting at 7:30 this morning, I either was waving signs in cold, misty weather at major intersections, or I was making calls to make sure that Art Staed supporters made it to the polls. When I finally picked up the Younger W from work and was on the way home to watch results, he called his best friend, who told him he had decided he wanted to vote, but wasn’t registered, and didn’t know where he needed to vote. He was afraid it was too late. Since there was still 45 minutes until the polls closed, I did a quick lookup of what he would need to register, where he needed to go, and we headed out for the 20 minute drive to get to his house. We got him to his polling place, registered, and voted before the polls closed, another vote in Iowa for President Obama.

    And in other good news, with 100% of the vote in, Art Staed is going back to the Iowa House, after defeating the woman who beat him by 13 votes 4 years ago. It wasn’t even close this time. Art won with a margin of well over 1000 votes this time!

    Now, it’s finally time to go to bed. More stories for tomorrow.