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Noontime News Roundup – November 5th, 2012

November 5, 2012

Noontime & Nighttime News

Noontime News Roundup – November 5th, 2012

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New York officials warn of new Sandy crisis as temperatures plummet

Authorities in the north-east United States are warning of a new crisis facing the region as cold weather heads towards tens of thousands of people who still have no power or heat and are living in homes damaged by superstorm Sandy.

Recovery To Take ‘Quite A Long Time’ In Storm-Ravaged Breezy Point

Anyone who traveled to Breezy Point, Queens, in New York City in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, even as recently as a few of days ago, would have needed an SUV — its main thoroughfare was under 3 feet of water. Today, you can see pavement. It sounds like a small victory, but this beachfront, blue-collar town is willing to accept progress in increments.

New York region struggles to move on a week after Sandy

(Reuters) – A week after superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on New York City and the surrounding area, schools were set to reopen on Monday and life expected to slowly return to normal for many, but close to 2 million people still have no power as cold weather sets in.

Florida Republicans impinging on right to vote, say Democrats

Florida Democrats have accused the swing state’s Republican leadership of impinging on the fundamental rights of Americans amid growing voter anger at lengthy queues to vote, the shutting down of early voting and chaos in Miami over absentee ballots.

What To Look For On Election Day: The Battle For The White House & Congress

Tomorrow, as those who follow politics probably know, is Election Day. The battle between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney has been contentious, expensive, personal, illuminating, ugly, frustrating, petty, enlightening and, above all, long. And it is expected to be close.

Greece makes austerity push, workers gear for strike

(Reuters) – Greece’s government presents a new austerity package to parliament on Monday, facing a week of strikes and protests over proposals which must win lawmakers’ approval if the country is to secure more aid and stave off bankruptcy.

Muslims fleeing sectarian violence in Burma drown as crisis deepens

First one body appeared, floating in the waters of the Bay of Bengal, then another, and another, until those on board the little fishing boat that had gone to their rescue began to lose count.

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  • winterbanyan

    New York and New Jersey are making extensive changes to voting to encourage voters to get to the polls.

    New York in particular is not only moving polling places, but is accepting provisional ballots at all precicts. Additionally, if less than 25% of the voters turn out, an extra day of voting is allowed.

    New Jersey is doing pretty much the same with provisional ballots, and also with e-mail and fax voting.