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Campus Question – August 30, 2012

August 30, 2012

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Campus Question – August 30, 2012

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Today’s big news is the news media doing their job in calling out the many lies in Paul Ryan’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention. Among those lies was blaming President Obama for the shutdown of a GM plant in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. GM announced the shutdown in June 2008 and sent all but 57 workers home in December, before President Obama took office. Yet Republicans insist he could reopened the plant in the auto bailout. Don’t they say “government should not pick winners and losers?”

  • NCrissieB

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  • NCrissieB

    Apparently Paul Ryan believes government should “pick winners and losers,” right down to micromanaging GM to keep a particular plant open, even if that plant made SUVs and Suburbans that no one wanted to drive with today’s gas prices … if that plant is in Paul Ryan’s hometown.

    But if it’s a wind farm in Oregon, soon to be the world’s largest, with initial seed money by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the rest funded by private capital who saw a good business opportunity once government gave it a boost … Ryan says that’s “political patronage, corporate welfare and cronyism.”

    Oh, and yes, Republicans really are claiming that President Obama could have used the auto bailout to reopen the Janesville GM plant … and the fact-free-folks at CNN are calling that “True But Incomplete.”

    I guess CNN’s idea of ‘truth’ is like Hollywood’s “Based On a True Story.”

  • addisnana

    TPM has comments by Steve Rattner who managed the auto company bailout for the Obama administration.

    Rattner recalled telling him the same thing he had told other lawmakers with similar requests: The White House left those decisions to the car companies.

    “We did not get involved with individual plant decisions in the auto task force,” Rattner said in an interview with TPM. “So I find it ironic that Paul Ryan, who thinks the government should stay out of all this, was nonetheless lobbying to change that decision.”

    And this closing comment says it all:

    While Janesville’s plant has yet to reopen, the auto bailout is credited by the Center for Automotive Research with rescuing over 1 million jobs overall.

    Talk about two-faced!

  • NCrissieB
  • NCrissieB
  • Jim W

    This may be the Wall Street wing of the Republican Party using their media arm attempt to correct the course of the Republican Party over the next four years. With Obama projected to get a tad over a third of the electoral college votes This conventions main impact will be on the future direction of the party.

    Will it follow the hard right off the cliff or will it retrench with a move toward the middle? Ryan has found out what happens when you go off the approved path. Any bets on who will lead a move toward the middle?

    • NCrissieB

      I’m not sure what you mean by “Obama projected to get a tad over a third of the electoral college votes,” Jim. As of last night, the New York TimesNate Silver projects President Obama winning 300 electoral college votes. What was “a tad over a third” based on?

      • Jim W

        I bow to your better number. “A third” was based on faulty memory, keyboard gremlins and rounding error. Please correct it to 55%

    • Gardener

      Jeb Jesus Reagan Lincoln?