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Campus Question – May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012

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Campus Question – May 26, 2012

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Tonight’s Campus Question
Florida Governor Rick Scott is pressing supervisors of elections to purge over 180,000 voters, based on “notoriously inaccurate” comparisons of voter and DMV databases that force matched voters to prove they are eligible to vote. Broward County recently sent out 259 purge letters, and five of the seven responses so far have come from eligible voters. Do Republicans define “voter fraud” as “what must have happened if Democrats win?”


  • NCrissieB
  • NCrissieB

    Short answer to the question: Yes.

    Longer answer to the question: Gov. Scott and other Florida Republicans have been on a two-year project to limit voters’ access to the polls. A coalition of Florida groups are working to stop Gov. Scott’s voter caging plan, but their legal options are limited. This could tip the balance in a close election, and ensuring that all legitimate voters can vote is a top priority for the Florida Democratic Party.

  • NCrissieB

    Medium answer to a different, utterly unrelated question: the University of South Florida won Game 2 of their best-of-three series vs. Hofstra this afternoon. Hofstra won Game 1 in 11 innings last night. Game 2 went 9 innings. (This is softball … a 7-inning game.) Hofstra has only one good pitcher, but she’s the best pitcher in the NCAA. Still, she’s thrown the equivalent of three games since last night and is just now starting another. USF have two very good pitchers, one of them with the 4th best ERA in the NCAA, and have been rotating them in the first two games. The winner of Game 3 goes to the Women’s College World Series….

  • addisnana

    Related side note: Cousin Susan, a Democratic Rep in Missouri’s House said they managed to keep voter ID of the ballot. Congrats to Missouri Democrats!

    Republicans define ‘voter fraud’ as another one of those winning lies.

    Chatter: I am dog-sitting Reject for tonight. Good thing he’s well-trained because it took all the authority I could muster in my voice to get him to abandon sniffing out the moose carcass. It is nice to have a charming four legged camp greeter.