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Campus Chatter – May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012

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Campus Chatter – May 22, 2012

Today in history, greetings, and social banter here. (More)

The Hashshashin attempted to murder Saladin near Aleppo today (1176). Also, John of England and Phillip II of France signed the Treaty of Le Goulet (1200), a grand jury indicted former Vice President Aaron Burr for treason (1807), the SS Savannah left Georgia en route to England as the first steamship to cross the Atlantic (1819), slavery was abolished in Martinique (1848), Rep. Preston Brooks (SC) attacked Sen. Charles Sumner (MA) with a cane after Sen. Sumner’s speech against slavery (1856), President Ulysses Grant signed the Amnesty Act, restoring the civil rights of most Confederate sympathizers (1872), London’s Blackwall Tunnel opened (1897), the Wright brothers patented their flying machine (1906), the United Steelworkers was formed (1942), President Lyndon Johnson announced the goals of his Great Society as “an end to poverty and racial injustice” (1964), Ceylon adopted her constitution and the name Sri Lanka (1972), Namco released Pac-Man (1980), Johnny Carson hosted his last episode of The Tonight Show (1992), a Birmingham jury convicted former KKK member Bobby Frank Cherry of the 1963 bombing that killed four black girls in the 16th Street Baptist Church (2002), and Annika Sörenstam became the first woman to play a PGA tournament in 58 years (2003). And the Tokyo Skytree opens to the public (2012).

Good morning! ::hugggggs::


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  1. NCrissieB Says:

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  2. Norbrook Says:

    Good morning! It’s currently 60 degrees and raining, and supposed to rain all day. It rained most of the night, after a pretty nice day. The black flies are starting to come out in force, which ought to make things … interesting … the next few weeks. Maybe they’ll decide to leave the locals alone and hit all the tourists up here for the holiday instead.

    I’m still trying to get my refrigerator fixed. The company that is normally supposed to handle repairs like that for us told me (after two weeks!) that “they don’t service that model.” :cry: So now we have another company, but we’re trying to get hold of them. My personal opinion is that they should just go ahead and get me a new one, but my boss’s opinion is that we should try to fix it. :roll:

    • winterbanyan Says:

      How very (un)cool for you about the fridge. Maybe you should tell the boss that lack of refrigeration will require you to use work time to go to the grocery. I know, that kind of thing never works.

      If we could find a real solution for black flies, someone could get very rich. No, I’m not advocating extinction, but there must be times when you wish it would happen. ;)

      • Norbrook Says:

        Considering that going to the nearest grocery store involves an 8 mile trip (one way), with the first few miles (or last few returning) down a gravel and dirt road, I don’t think my boss would buy the “I have to go to the store every day during work hours” excuse. ;-)

        As for the black flies, while they’re not “near peak” now, they will be pretty soon. It’s at that point I tend to forget all my education in environmental sciences (and that I work in the field) and think that I’d be perfectly OK with massive spraying of insecticides from the air. Just this one time of year. Really. :lol:

        • winterbanyan Says:

          :lol: Norbrook. Sometimes it’s hard to remember our evironmental ethics, especially when we’re getting stung and bitten. And you’re right, it’s only just one time a year. ;)

          • Norbrook Says:

            Yes, indeed. I can (and have) written all sorts of stuff about “why it’s a bad thing,” and can give a lecture course on the importance of various insect species to the ecosystems. But when the clouds of black flies appear, I start thinking “DDT. A much unappreciated compound.” :lol:

        • Jim W Says:

          Back to the days of harvesting ice from the lake. ;-)

          • Norbrook Says:

            Surprisingly enough, I’ve actually helped do that as a child. Seriously, one of the local businesses used to harvest ice right off the lake for sale during the summer season. Most of their equipment is now in the Adirondack Museum.

    • addisnana Says:

      Black flies, so the local experts tell me, pollinate the blueberries so I tolerate them. Ours have been out for a couple of weeks. I think they have “evolved” past the insect sprays so I just cover up. If I accidentally expose a spot, I know immediately.

      I think you should get a new refrigerator too. Want to start a social media campaign or do you have a petition I could sign?

  3. LI Mike Says:

    Good morning

    A day in the life of Cory “Well, maybe it’s ok to talk about Bain Capital in a certain context, but don’t forget, I receive campaign contributions from them,” Booker.

    After initially saying that he would not give any interviews…voila…there he was on Rachel’s show. “I’m so mad at the Republicans for distorting and manipulating what I meant, that’s why I came on your show.”

    Except for Rachel, Booker was ripped on every liberal talk show known to man, and for that I say, good.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve spent a lot of hours the last few days working on OFA stuff, I just did not appreciate his MTP appearance. Get with the program Mr. Suave.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      A lot of people aren’t getting with the program. Seldom have we had such a stark contrast as we have this year, yet it still seems to be okay to rip the Dems. That’s really helpful. :( The “both parties are the same” has never been more potentially damaging to this country.

      Glad to know Booker got well and truly ripped.

      • Gardener Says:


        Haven’t watched MTP for a while. Ever since some wag at teh Kos called them the “Sabbath Gasbags.” ;-)

    • addisnana Says:

      Money, money money makes the mouth flap! “Get with the program” is right.

  4. winterbanyan Says:

    Good morning. :)

    I’d like to bounce in here with all kinds of cool news but I don’t have any. And lately I’ve been of the mind that “no news is good news.” Heh.

    But I did get back to writing yesterday, exceeded my usual output, and finally feel like I have some kind of handle on the novel. Starting is always hard because so much groundwork needs laying, but now that’s done and things should keep plugging along.

    Hugggs to all!

    • addisnana Says:

      Good to hear that you’ve found your writing groove again. I hope you continue plugging along. :smile:

  5. addisnana Says:

    Good morning!

    Nice rain falling and will continue for most of the day. High near 70. Actually it looks like more rain every day this week. I will lose ground on trying to keep up with my mowing ‘schedule’ but we really need it.

    I have a moose carcass just off the road that I have been watching various critters treat as a banquet. I stopped in at the North American Bear Center to see if they wanted the skeleton for any reason. The “bones lady” came out and took a look and said the head was missing and it was about a year away from being clean enough to use. I hadn’t gotten close enough to notice it was headless. New experience for me as she described which critters still would come to the banquet. More useless but interesting trivia for me.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      I’m so happy you’re still getting rain. :) You guys absolutely need it. So do we, but there’s only one chance of precip this week, on Thursday, and it’s not a big chance.

      I suppose that will change if hurricane season heats up. Then there might be too much of a good thing.

      Interesting about the moose. Apparently they don’t want to clean the bones themselves. I missed the NatGeo special last night (sleep, my enemy) so I am looking for it on reruns or on demand.

    • Gardener Says:

      Glad for your rain, send some here pls……. :smile:

      • addisnana Says:

        If I was in charge of the rain, I’d gladly send some your way. Alas, it’s above my pay grade as the saying goes.

  6. winterbanyan Says:

    I had resolved to splurge on a Powerball ticket on Saturday, but when I got to the store this little voice said, “No. Not today.” So I didn’t.

    I wish that little voice would pop up one day, say, “Today!” and be right. How likely is that? I think the odds probably exceed the number of atoms in the universe…

  7. LI Mike Says:

    Moose carcass. Now that’s something I don’t come across very often. :smile:

    I drive slow on the back roads because of deer, I can imagine what hitting a moose would do to my car. The critters would be picking over the remains of my Prius.

    • addisnana Says:

      The locals say if you hit a deer, worry about the damage to your car but if you hit a moose, worry about dying. This is the first moose carcass I have seen. One is enough.

      Sad image, the “remains of my Prius.” I hope you manage to avoid hitting anything.

      • winterbanyan Says:

        My mother hit a deer once. She was driving a Pontiac station wagon that I always thought of as “the aircraft carrier.” It was huge, with a front end long enough to land on.

        Regardless, the amount of damage the car suffered gave me a very real respect for the size of a deer. No thank you to a moose.

        • trs Says:

          One of my brothers once hit a deer with a snowplow. The plow was the only thing that saved the front of his truck.

          • Gardener Says:

            I have struck quite a few with locomotives. The locomotives stand up to deer pretty well……..

  8. trs Says:

    Good morning. Today is the day I pack what tools I think I need, clothes, etc., for the trip to Memphis – I’m on the road tomorrow morning. We’ll see what I forget.

    An old friend of mine posted on FB yesterday, showing pictures of contrails and claiming chemtrails. I would have thought she would be the last person to do this – her father is a scientist at Argonne National Lab, for crying out loud! How to tactfully refute her… that’s the $64 question.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      I hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey, trs. :)

      As for the “chemtrails…” I’ve read about that and I ain’t buying.
      There’s evidence that contrails increase cloud formation, but none that there’s anything unusual in them. But when you start with contrails increasing cloud formation… Well, all I can say is “good luck.” :)

      • trs Says:

        I can believe the contrails increase cloud formation, because basically a contrail is a cloud being formed. But planes spraying chemicals to alter the weather… I don’t think so!!

  9. winterbanyan Says:

    Addisnana, you should know your Midday Matinee from Monday just got retweeted by a guy with scads of followers. You’re going to become famous. ;)

  10. Gardener Says:

    Good morning!

    Bright sun and 58 degrees today. Built most of the flower bed yesterday. It’s made of field stone given to me by a neighbor just for cleaning up the remnants of the pile. Boy, would I like to get ahold of his main pile, looks like about 50 tons of the stuff! I offered to buy it, but he doesn’t want to see it go…….

    Hope all well. Gas Girl and her husband “BW” were out last night for bike riding. I took a nap, exhausted from moving stones….. Gas Girl says she will attempt e-mail of photos when she has a bit of spare time. I bet she didn’t know I had a webmistress!

    Hugggs, G

    • addisnana Says:

      I have lots of field stones up here. I suppose carrying a load of them would seriously reduce one’s gas mileage. If we were to the ‘beam me aboard Scotty” phase I’d just beam you however many you wanted.

  11. trs Says:

    G, a webmistress is the best kind of mistress to have – one that won’t get you in trouble with PW!!