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Things We Did This Week – May 14-20, 2012

May 21, 2012


Things We Did This Week – May 14-20, 2012

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This week I attended my county Democratic Executive Committee meeting. In most states, the DEC is your local Democratic Party organization, comprised of elected and/or appointed precinct leaders. DECs coordinate with Democratic candidates and other volunteers on voter outreach and GOTV efforts. The DEC’s primary task is to contact registered Democrats and ensure their votes, enabling candidates and their campaign staff to focus on independents and other swing voters.

We welcomed several new precinct leaders this month. We also heard from our local candidates, discussed the status of our state and county redistricting plans, and discussed our upcoming vote-by-mail outreach drive. I also gave a brief presentation on progressive language, based on last week’s Morning Feature about marriage equality. If you are not yet active in your DEC or its local equivalent, I heartily encourage you to join them.


  • winterbanyan

    I, too, attended my party meeting where I signed up to be a precinct committeewoman. This could get interesting as our precincts have not yet been determined because of redistricting.

    Also, my recent predilection for falling asleep early in the evening is not going to help with phone banking. I’m sure calls at 2AM wouldn’t be appreciated. 😉

    • NCrissieB

      Thank you for your activism, winterbanyan. Drawing new precincts is not as big a deal as U.S. House and state legislative redistricting, as there are few if any political spoils involved in precinct boundaries. However, they can’t draw precinct boundaries until they finalize the new federal and state districts. A district line dividing a precinct would be a nightmare for local elections officials – they would need separate ballots for different voters within a single precinct – so local elections officials make sure each precinct fits within its federal and state districts.

      • Jim W

        If only. In Virginia the republican House and the Democratic Senate each drew their own District Boundaries. Yes, we have separate ballots for voters within a precinct.

        • NCrissieB

          Yikes. I feel sorry for the local elections folks. And what a waste of money!

  • LI Mike

    Good work Crissie and Winter

    I decided that it would be a good idea to have an OFA House Party…at my house. Hmmm…what was I thinking. Through the miracle of VoteBuilder, and my friend, John, we compiled a list of 700 potential invitees and hope to get about 50 people to attend. Thank goodness for large outside decks. Please, Dear God, don’t let it rain on 6/16. Those 700 folks are 2008/2010 OFAers and non-overlapping Prime Dems. Prime Dems being folks who vote all the time.

    Out of those 50 folks, I hope to get 10 solid volunteers to fill some holes in our OFA organization. Fingers crossed.


    Also responded to Chicago OFA request, through our regional director, to place calls to Des Moines, Iowa, environs to invite folks to a Pres Obama rally on 5/24. Here’s hoping the list I got was a mistake and they gave me a list of Dominionist Republicans instead of Democrats. Whew! Not a whole lot of positive feedback. Hope tonight’s calls are better.

    • NCrissieB

      Thank you for your activism, Mike! Finding 10 reliable volunteers from 50 attendees out of 700 invitees sounds like a realistic plan. That numbers game can be daunting, but we progressives have to deal with Realworldia….

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  • sjterrid

    Thank you Crissie and Winter for your activism with the DEC, and Mike thank you and good luck for planning to have a house party for all those people.

    I went to a Phone bank on Wednesday night, where we were calling into PA giving info about the new Voting Law there. These Phone Bank are now scheduled weekly, with dates to be determined. We are having one tonight, where I will be leaving in a little while. It’s scheduled for two hours fro 6:30 to 8:30.

    • sjterrid

      Crissie the last sentence should read It’s scheduled for two hours from 6:30 to 8:30. Thank you.