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Campus Chatter – May 5, 2012

May 5, 2012

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Campus Chatter – May 5, 2012

Today in history, greetings, and social banter here. (More)

Christopher Columbus claimed Jamaica for Spain today (1494). Also, Mary Kies patented a technique for weaving straw with silk and thread (1809), Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on the island of Saint Helena (1821), Mexican troops led by Ignacio Zaragoza halted a French invasion, prompting the celebration of Cinco de Mayo (1862), Waterloo, New York celebrated the first Memorial Day (1866), 250 National Guardsmen fired on 14,000 striking workers and killed seven in Milwaukee’s Bay View Massacre (1886), New York’s Carnegie Hall opened (1891), Cy Young pitched the first perfect game in modern baseball (1904), John Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution in Tennessee (1925), Alan Shepard traveled into space aboard Mercury-Redstone 3 (1961), and the Iran-Contra Scandal televised hearings began (1987). And Greek citizens began mass protests against austerity policies proposed to resolve the nation’s debt crisis (2010).

Good morning! ::hugggggs::


  • NCrissieB

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  • addisnana

    Good Morning!

    I have working water again and a new shower faucet. Yes! I feel like I have rejoined the 20th century. It took me half an hour to install.

    It will be in the mid 50’s here and may (30%) rain. I’m so content with having water that I wouldn’t really care if it snowed.

    I hope you are all feeling as happy as I am. 🙂

    • Congratulations. 🙂 I know I’m very fond of regular showers, so I can understand your happiness.

    • winterbanyan

      Woohoo and congratulations! 😀 Wonderful news indeed, especially after the unnecessarily long saga of getting the right parts. I’ll do a happy dance for you. 🙂 You must feel so good right now.

    • Gardener

      Good job! Pop would be proud! 🙂

  • Good morning! It’s currently 42 degrees and cloudy. It’s supposed to be clearing this weekend, with freeze warnings out for the nights. It’s been a busy week at work, and honestly, I’m about 3 days behind where I thought we’d be when I started the job. I’m not the only one battling spring infrastructure issues though. Apparently at one of the other stations someone forgot to properly shut down a very expensive pump, and over the winter every valve in it broke. Another station’s HQ also has no water, because there’s a break in the water line. Which is exactly where there was a break when I was there, and which was fixed back then. I have water now, but something in the electronics that synchronizes the well pump and the pressure pump isn’t working, so they’re not kicking on when they’re supposed to – or worse, keep running when they shouldn’t. :roll:

    On the bright side, I’ve managed to start making a dent in the “crud” that the previous supervisors left, and 80% of what was in the HQ building. I talked to my supervisor about getting rid of some of the other junk – the 2 washing machines, 2 stoves, and a water heater – that are in the basement, and while I may have to scream at remind him again, he’s said they’ll be sending people out to remove them. I dropped a load of repair orders and long supply list while I was at it. I have a couple of loads of “C&D waste” that I still have to truck out, but that’s not critical.

    I think by next year, I should have this place mostly in shape. I’ve managed to hike out to about 2/3’rds of the places I need to get to, which combined with the running back and forth between things at base are starting to get me into real shape again. The rest of the places I need a boat to get to, and we still have to launch those. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easier, because we still have to install the docks. Which means more heavy lifting, and getting wet.

    • winterbanyan

      Sounds like you’re making great progress, Norbrook, so congratulations to you as well. 😀

      • Well, I’m making progress. Seriously, I expected to be out on the lake and doing site prep there this week, and it looks like I’ll be lucky to get to it next week. “Normally” when you take over, or when you’re returning, the HQ is one of the last things you worry about. It’s mostly “take the shutters off, dust it, turn on the water and electricity, and hook up the computers.” You can knock it out in a few hours. Your main concerns (the headaches) are getting your equipment in, making sure it works, and getting it out to where it needs to be. Along with the usual “clear the trail” or “repair or rebuild something.” I usually end up doing a lot of sawing, quick-and-dirty carpentry and plumbing. 😆

        So you can imagine how it feels to find out that your first week and some is being spent on what’s normally the last thing you’d worry about. 😯

    • addisnana

      Do I want to know what “C&D waste” is?

      • “Construction and demolition.” It’s the stuff like broken boards, broken concrete, insulation, etc. Apparently the pack-rat supervisor thought that he might be able to salvage ‘something’ out of some old boards, come up with a use for various lengths of left-over pipe, or “maybe fix” a few really old seriously damaged docks. :roll:

        • addisnana

          Thanks. I have a dumpster’s worth of C&D waste in the woods by my site. I just called it junk.

          • Well, it is junk. 😀 I said to my helper “Why do we have all this crap stacked here behind the garage?” Apparently, the pack rat supervisor didn’t believe in throwing anything out that “might be useful someday.” So my “spare time” project for the staff (when they get here) is going to be “load the truck up and take it to the transfer station.”

            • Gardener

              One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…….

              • addisnana

                Or in this case one man’s treasure is Norbrook’s trash.

                • It’d be one thing if he’d actually come up with a use for any of it. Instead, it just sat in a pile which kept getting larger, and didn’t do it any good. I suppose with serious application of saws, I could maybe get a few 2′ pieces of “still good” wood out of some of the boards, and piece them together, but there’s no point when it’s easier to just get a new board.

                  My “packratting” tends to heavily lean towards “stuff we use all the time.” It’s one of the things I learned in the military. If the budget allows, overstock on those things, because there’s usually a year (most often right the one after the year it was allowed) when you will have trouble getting them.

  • winterbanyan

    Expecting the roofer at 9AM. He’d better show. I had enough trouble pinning him down to a time and date. Funny that. Not.

    Other than that, everything is doing pretty good!

    Hugggs and good morning everyone!

    • addisnana

      I hope the roofer can accurately ID the source of your leak. Good luck to the roofer and patience to you.

  • NCrissieB

    I will be gone all day helping at my county’s Democratic Caucus. Today begins Florida’s Time to Shine and I encourage all registered Democrats in Florida to follow that link and vote in your county today.

    Good morning! ::hugggggs::

    • addisnana

      I’m not in Florida but I love that I know activists who are. Thanks!

  • trs

    Good morning! Quick check-in, then off to man a parking lot for the main parade today. Running the parking lot is a fundraiser for Kidlet’s high school choir.

    We went to the National Zoo yesterday – will have photos during the week.

    I’m off (but you knew that). Have a good day, everybody!

  • addisnana

    The Vikings stadium bill is still pending at the MN legislature. Lots of maneuvering going on, much of it in front of the cameras. Gov. Dayton (D) is in favor because labor wants the construction jobs. Progressives who dislike the idea of subsidizing a rich team owner are quieter than normal because of labor’s position. The Republicans can’t agree amongst themselves because taxes, fees and gambling are in the equation but they’d like to keep the team here too. The vote has been delayed several times and one alternative proposal had a 24 hour life span before being withdrawn.

    Dayton urged Minnesotans to contact their legislators. Mine are both Republicans and I asked them to vote no. I think being a world class state is best defined by high quality educational systems and health care quality and access and the kinds of opportunities open to all citizens. Construction jobs are needed but we have lots of sub-standard bridges we could rebuild with the same monies.

    • winterbanyan

      Makes sense to me: fund road and bridge repair rather than a stadium. I hope you’re heard. Given your all-too recent bridge collapse, you would think that wouldn’t be such a hard argument.

  • Gardener

    Good morning!

    Clouds and 70 degrees…… Showers and threat of showers had me working on the conveyor yesterday. Added extra guides, the originals were too far apart for the smaller boxes of canned goods. A bit of blacksmith work yielded some extras, which the neighbor welded on for me up at The Farm. Did the grinding on the welds, and primed yesterday PM. Carriage is ready for a coat of primer. Mebbe today?

    Ejected from Trivia Night at a local church yesterday evening. The question was: Where do girls have the curliest hair? Who would’ve guessed the answer is Argentina? 😉

    Best, G

    • winterbanyan

      I’m laughing so hard, Gardener. You didn’t! 😆

      Sounds like you’re making great progress on the conveyor, so congratulations to you, too!

    • addisnana

      😆 😆 😆

  • Jim W

    With the recent headlines, I would have thought that that “honor’ had moved to Columbia.