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Campus Question – May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012

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Campus Question – May 3, 2012

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Tonight’s Campus Question
Yesterday white supremacist J.T. Ready murdered four people including an 18-month-old baby before killing himself in Arizona. Ready had been a pro-life activist and a protégé of Arizona Republican Russell Pearce before Ready’s growing involvement with Neo-Nazi groups ended their friendship. Yet today Little Green Footballs‘ Charles Johnson reports that conservatives are portraying Ready as a liberal Occupy protest member. Will the right ever acknowledge the human price of their hate speech?


  • NCrissieB

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    Morning FeatureThe Self-Made Myth, Part I: Makers and Takers
    Noontime News at noon
    Midday Matinee – triciawyse with Fursdai Furries

  • When it comes to the Right, responsibility is for other people. Obviously, they can’t be held accountable for :roll: missteps. It’s pretty pathetic, really. No, they’ll never admit that their hate speech has consequences, even when they’re staring down a prison term.

    Personal news – We finally got the water turned on. The problem was a relay that wasn’t set correctly. and a problem with the pump. There’s still some more work to be done, but at least there’s water in the pipes, and no leaks. Now we have to get the refrigerator working, but that’s not a priority at the moment. I’ve got another couple of weeks before I’m going to shift over to spending most of my time “on-site.”

    • NCrissieB

      Hey, progress is progress, Norbrook. First electricity. Then water. Then refrigeration. Then satellite wifi and internet. Then the wild parties with the local wildlife…. 😉

      • Well, it’s still dependent on having electricity, and I’ve been asked to try to keep the generator off as much as possible. Still, “possible” usually means several hours a day. 😉 There are gas lights in the house, I just have to get the mantles for them. My rather massive supply request list and “hey, I really need this answered” list of things goes in tomorrow morning. I spent a rainy day dredging out the HQ – why there were piles of field reports dating back to 1995 is something I still don’t know. I asked, and no, they should have been disposed of years ago. These aren’t the master copies, they’re just the local copies that you generally get rid of as soon as you can. Several boxes of papers to be disposed of, along with a few cases of outdated forms and way out of date flyers and information packets. (sigh)

        • addisnana

          Maybe a campfire would be a good way to dispose of the paper, Norbrook. 🙂

          We are still getting rain and given the drought, it is still welcome.

          • Well, that was suggested to me by headquarters. Unfortunately, it’d have to wait, since there’s a outside burn ban until the 15’th. But there’s this handy recycling center not too far away with an inviting compactor. Oh, and I have a wood stove there, so the personnel stuff (time sheets, injury reports, evaluations) can turned into ashes. 😉 I don’t think anyone really cares about how many hours some person worked in 1998. Call it a hunch. 😉

  • NCrissieB

    So far right Neo Nazi white supremacist immigrant hating … shows up at Occupy Phoenix for one day and they ask him to leave because his view are repugnant … kills everyone in his family … and he’s a “left winger” whose brutality proves “the Occupy movement is a training ground for domestic terrorism.” Okay then….

  • addisnana

    How quickly they throw their own under the bus. I don’t think the far right even considers consequences for themselves. I wish they did. J.T. Ready is theirs. I also hope they don’t try to portray him as another ‘lone nut.’ The lone nuts are really quite a big tribe.