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Campus Question – April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012

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Campus Question – April 27, 2012

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Tonight’s Campus Question
Last week the Missouri legislature sent a bill to committee that would ban discussions of LGBTs in public schools, including efforts to prevent bullying based on sexual orientation. On Wednesday, Republican Stanley Cookson, the bill’s author, said he thinks such discussions at school are “inappropriate and need to be taught at home.” Both teachers and pediatricians oppose the bill, calling it “harmful to the best interests of children.” Why do so many Republicans defend bullying and aggression?

  • NCrissieB

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  • NCrissieB

    It’s amazing how often the Republican idea of “freedom” means the freedom the privileged to bully the rest. From foreign policy (“Bring ’em on“) to opposing the Violence Against Women Act, to demanding “religious exemptions” to bullying and women’s health programs, to the vile right-wing response to the Trayvon Martin tragedy … Republicans consistently link “freedom” to violence, if the violence is committed by the privileged.

  • addisnana

    My cousin Susan is a Democratic State Rep in the Missouri legislature. She describes her job as “trying to keep the evil doers in check.”

    Why don’t they want it taught in schools? Simply put they probably realize that their kids might grow up to disagree with their teachings. If they can keep the rich and wonderful diversity of the real world out of their children’s sight until the indoctrination is complete, they improve the odds that their kids will hold the same narrow viewpoints as they do.

    • glendaw271

      “You have to be taught to learn to hate
      before you are six or seven or eight
      to hate all the people your parents hate…
      You have to be carefully taught”

      South Pacific, Rogers and Hammerstein. From many years ago, and it is still true.

  • glendaw271

    Good evening! Tonight I’m going to leave a totally non-question related posting. I haven’t been around much since Wednesday morning.

    Wednesday afternoon my mother fell again. Yes, she’s ninety, and ninety year old women fall and have problems, but most don’t fall because they’ve decided that they need to get a large wall calendar hung up right now and it seems reasonable to use a swiveling bar stool to reach high enough to hang it!

    She is an extremely lucky woman. Despite the very nasty fall from the stool, she merely has a broken nose with five stitches, a dislocated thumb that broke the skin, and so needed emergency surgery Wednesday night, and numerous cuts, scrapes and bruises. I managed to get out of work, get packed for a few days and travel the two hours to the hospital in four hours, getting to her just as they were wheeling out of the emergency room and into surgery. My brother had got the call and rushed to her and drove her to the emergency room.

    When we first talked to her yesterday, she told us that she didn’t think that she would need to have anyone come and help her. She said she could get along fine. Then the social worker came in to talk to her, and reminded her of all the things she can’t do for herself while her right arm and hand are bandaged and must be kept clean and sterile to avoid infection. Finally, by last night, she had agreed that my brother could arrange for someone to come in for a few hours every day to help her get cleaned up, do some light housekeeping, and make sure that she has breakfast and lunch.

    Oh, and that’s another thing. The woman has left all thoughts of nutritious meals behind. She doesn’t do too bad at breakfast, but her preferred lunch is chocolate pudding, and her preferred dinner is chocolate ice cream, with snacks of chocolate candy. Do I have to say that she is a chocoholic? I had a discussion with her that I know that she likes to eat soft food now, and that she loves chocolate, but could she add a peanut butter sandwich, or tuna salad to a meal? I made her macaroni and cheese for dinner last night, and she ate it, but complained after she was through that she didn’t have room for the ice cream. Argh!

    But, despite the above complaints, I do dearly love her, and I am so thankful that she has managed to survive this fall largely unscathed and without permanent damage. I just wish that she wasn’t always so stubborn and would occasionally ask for help, even to do every day tasks like hanging a calendar on the wall.

    • addisnana

      Oh dear, Glenda, I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s fall and her injuries. The very stubbornness to ask for help now probably served her well when she was younger and needed to just get stuff done.

      If she prefers soft food because of her teeth could she/would she use a blender?

      Good luck! You and your mom are in my thoughts sand prayers.

  • Gardener

    Sorry Glenda, she’s lucky to have you to help. I hope I am still able to cruise the bars at 90…. 😉

    Ah, Missouri. I’m from there, you know. It’s a nice place to be from. About this far from….. 😉