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Campus Chatter – April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012

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Campus Chatter – April 27, 2012

Today in history, greetings, and social banter here. (More)

Cebu became the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines today (1565). Also, John Milton sold the copyright of Paradise Lost for £10 (1667), George Frideric Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks premiered in London’s Green Park (1749), Ludwig van Beethoven composed Für Elise (1810), President Abraham Lincoln suspended the writ of habeus corpus (1861), the New York Senate established Cornell University (1865), the United Auto Workers separated from the American Federation of Labor (1936), Togo gained independence (1960), as did Sierra Leone (1961), Xerox PARC introduced the computer mouse (1981), and Betty Boothroyd became the first female Speaker of the British House of Commons (1991). And construction began on the New York City’s One World Trade Center Tower (2006).

Good morning! ::hugggggs::

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  1. winterbanyan Says:

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  2. Norbrook Says:

    Good morning. It’s currently 34 degrees and … snowing. :cry: It’s supposed to be “colder” today, high around 40 or so. It’s supposed to clear and be warmer this weekend, and next week is supposed to be nicer.

    My workday is going to start with my standing on various desks, or on the phone yelling. I’m having flashbacks to “why I asked for a demotion” the last time I had this title. :roll: Let’s see, need to find out when they’re supposed to get the generator out there, exactly where all the keys are, and oh yes, can I expect an assistant or “a staff”? My comment to our regional boss was “I know you don’t like overtime, but if you’re handing out comp time, I’ll be gone the months of October and November.”

    Given that they’re trying to “modernize” all their reporting – they’re adding more things to “do this via computer” – it’s rather important that I have electricity. I’d also like to do things like get the radios charged, and the power tools need … power. You might gather that I’m rather … irritated … at the moment. (Everyone go “No, really?” :lol: ) What irritates me the most is not that there are snafus (I rather expect those), but that for the past two weeks I’ve been getting told everything was set. :x

    • winterbanyan Says:

      I guess they must have been talking about some other place when they said everything was “set.” :( Sorry for all the frustration, Norbrook. I hope it doesn’t drive you to asking for a demotion again.

      They still don’t even have the generator out there??? Wow. Just wow.

      I’ll be thinking of you. Seriously. And hoping you don’t go nuts.

      • Norbrook Says:

        There are always “snafu’s” when you start a field season, and I expected that I was going to spend some time looking lost, trying to figure out where everything was. What irritates me the the most is finding out things that I was told were “done”, “taken care of,” or “don’t worry about that” (besides being told to buzz off on occasion) actually weren’t done, taken care of, and yes, I should have been worried about it. For example, I was told the generator was out there, and then I find out that no, it’s not. Getting the “supervisor’s keys” and finding out that you can’t unlock a number of things is not calculated to put me in a good mood either.

        They’re about to be reminded of what they forgot about me… “Nice guy, but he can be a real a**hole sometimes.” :evil:

        • LI Mike Says:

          Norbrook, You remind me why I’m so happy to be retired. :grin:

          Last thing I worked on before retiring was as a team member implementing an automated inpatient pharmacy ordering program. How many times did I hear: “we can’t go up until the test run for the formualry works.” Sheesh! For every time I heard that I had to call our vendor. Good luck.

        • winterbanyan Says:

          Sometimes they need to be reminded. The squeaky wheel and all that. Sounds like some folks were taking a mental vacation. It’s over now.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Everyone was getting ready … to be yelled at. ;-)

      I wish I could say these kinds of SNAFUs don’t happen in a well-run organization. I’m not sure that mythical “well-run organization” actually exists. I’ve certainly never seen one.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

    • addisnana Says:

      Their big mistake was telling you things were done when they weren’t. Lying tends to foster major reactions in those lied to. “They” shouldn’t be surprised by your reaction.

      Hang in there, Norbrook.

  3. winterbanyan Says:

    Ideas have finally percolated into place, at least somewhat, for my new proposal. Took a week longer than I would have liked, but “no idea before its time” or some such. Over the last couple of days, a few pieces have clicked into place making the whole project now look possible.

    Heh. Now I just have to write a gripping ten pages from those pieces. I’d really like to be done today.

    Hugggs and good morning, everyone!

    • LI Mike Says:

      Good luck, Winter. Funny how that idea thing works.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      It always feels good when ideas percolate into place. Then you start writing and realize how much percolation remains to be done … or at least that was my experience. :)

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

      • winterbanyan Says:

        Too true. There’s still a lot there that’s a black hole from where I sit. I have fingers crossed that as I put these pieces into place the rest will start to come. It needs to be on my editor’s desk Monday am, and my son arrives tomorrow….

    • Gardener Says:

      winterwebmistress haz mail……..

  4. Gardener Says:

    G/M! Seattle’s Best is made, dog is walked, time for some intertoobs! We’ve a brisk 49 degrees and clear, blue sky. Dog fresh back from spaying @ vets….. I wasn’t home when they arrived, but they said she did NOT want to get out of the car……. :smile: “Callie” as she’s been re-named, has to be throttled for 10 days, no running in the woods, no splashing in the water, poor baby! She’s still carring her RR foot, ’cause she cut a foot pad on something, and needed a trip to the vet for that about a week ago, now the spaying, I’m surprised they can get her IN the car! Will head out in a bit with receipts, the County Animal Control rebates us $30 for spaying her, not a bad deal!

    Peas are about 3′ tall, but no blooms yet. Taters are at least a foot tall, no blooms, but been “hilled” twice, mebbe a couple more times? New potatoes and peas are a treat. Rhubarb is ready to be pulled, will have to speak to PW about a rhubarb custard pie…… We have a small ton of lettuce, just enough spinach, and asparagus nearly every day. Mmmmm…. Life is good!

    Yesterday old coal mine buddy Rich was over, brought along his pitcher pump, wanted the pipe unscrewed from it, so as to display it @ his house. Rich and his wife have joined our county D’s, I went with them to the “reception” for Gov. Scott Wanker, anyway, applied some heat to pump base with cutting torch, put cheater pipes on the pipe wrenches, and slowly, slowly, off came the piece of pipe. He said, “You have no idea how long I wrestled that thing on my driveway, trying to do that!” We adjourned to town for burgers, after making doubly sure the shop ‘frig was doing it’s job……. ;-)

    Hope everyone has a decent day.

    Best, G

    • winterbanyan Says:

      Wow, I can’t believe how much you’re eating out of your garden already, or how much things have grown. :) Delightful.

      I hope checking out the shop fridge came after the blow torch. ;)

      Good morning!

    • LI Mike Says:

      You give new meaning to the term locovore, Gardener

    • NCrissieB Says:

      The cut foot is just one of many reasons I don’t like to see dogs roaming outside. There are too many ways to get hurt. Just sayin’. ;-)

      When can we expect photos of the Official BPI Garden of Envy?

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

      • Gardener Says:

        Where we live, in the middle of nearly nowhere, our dogs have the run of the place. It sometimes results in a cut pad, but on the whole, they seem pretty happy with the arrangement…….

        Photos in a week or two, let some stuff bloom a bit?

        Best, G

  5. winterbanyan Says:

    I wanted to share something I read yesterday: From Bishop Tutu, the definition of “ubuntu”

    “You know when it is there, and it is obvious when it is absent. It has to do with what it means to be truly human, it refers to gentleness, to compassion, to hospitality, to openness to others, to vulnerability, to be available for others and to know that you are bound up with them in the bundle of life, for a person is only a person through other persons.”

    The entire article about the hopelessness of individualism, is great, too. :)

    • LI Mike Says:

      Words to live by, winter

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Thank you for sharing that wonderful article, winterbanyan. Despite the media and political myths, our species didn’t evolve for individualism. We are a social species, and we’re happiest, safest, and most successful when we have those community bonds.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

    • Gardener Says:

      Thanks, will re-post on FB……

      Gotta get going, later, play nice!

      Best, G

    • addisnana Says:

      Bishop Tutu and Nelson Mandella lived on the same street and were neighbors. It is the only time two Nobel laureates lived on the same street. This is for your “neat-to-know” trivia files.

      I think South Africa and the world were so fortunate to have those two leading at a time of crisis and upheaval. Both are heroes and so wise.

  6. LI Mike Says:

    I live like the 1% for a day.

    I mentioned the other day that my daughter got 2 tix to the Knicks final home game. Was a lot of fun — and the Knicks won, too!

    I met my dtr at the Will Call window and we headed to our seats taking the usual route to the garden seats. Ticket taker guy says, “Oh no, these tickets mean something very different.” How right he was.

    So we go to the 1% entrance, up an escalator and turn right. Oh. I didn’t know this fancy restaurant was here. Too close to game time for a sit down meal, there must be somewhere else to grab a bite. Turn right and turn right again and an employee hands us an Orange wrist band. Porque? This gets you into the Delta Club. Free finger food and sweets but drinks you pay for. O.K.

    For years I’ve been telling my dtr and son-in-law, I wish you guys could get to see the kind of Point Guard play I used to see. Walt “Clyde” Frazier was one of the best ever Knicks. (’67-’76). Who do we see in the Delta — I can’t believe it — “Clyde” in the flesh, actually, wearing a fancy outlandish suit, per usual.

    I’m not the person to intrude on a celeb. My dtr, though, knows Clyde is my favorite all-time Knick so she bee lines it to him and asks if he’ll pose for pic with her and her dad. Sure. We chat for 30 secs about finally having a decent Knicks team, and, with my very own smart phone, another Garden employee takes a photo of us and Clyde.

    Meanwhile, my son-in-law, the 3rd person in our family’s Knick-nuttiness, is working on his firms earning report (that’s why I’m with my dtr and not him), and so is not available for photo with anybody. We, cruelly, email the photo to him and Ms LI Mike noting that we’re, “Hanging with Clyde.” Son-in-law emails back ‘GET OUT OF HERE.”

    Well, the night was just beginning but took a slight turn for the worse when we sat next to some Wall Streeters. My daughter works for the Imax Corp and the WSJ just had a very positive piece about Imax so the wall streeter was more interested in talking to my daughter about Imax and investment opportunities than watching the game. My daughter deftly handled him though.

    But, if this guy is right, Facebook is going to implode, and some new pharma stock is going to take off like no other stock ever.

    Hey, look, Steve Novak just made a three!

    Knicks win and quality time with my dtr. Great night!

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Sounds like a wonderful evening, Mike! :grin:

      I got sort of the down-scale version of that, years ago, as a sports reporter for a local radio station. I had covered high school sports for a local newspaper while in journalism school, but covering professional sports is very different.

      In a high school stadium, the press box is a bare with a plywood table, folding chairs, cables all over the floor, a booster running the scoreboard and public address system, and assistant coaches crawling out of their skins over every play. In a professional stadium, the press box is terraced rows of tables with comfortable chairs and scantily-clad waitresses offering snacks and drinks, while team owners and other VIPs wander through.

      During a high school game, you have to keep your own stats and often they’re the ‘official’ stats because nobody else does it. During a professional game, there’s an official statistician so you just sit there and watch the game, enjoying the snacks and drinks brought by the scantily-clad waitresses, chatting with the team owners and other VIPs as they wander through, and waiting for the game to end so you can go to the locker room and get your quotes.

      Both are fun, but if I’m going to watch a professional sporting event at the arena … I’d much rather have a press pass. ;-)

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

    • winterbanyan Says:

      Wow, Mike! Just Wow! You got to see how the 1% live. Don’t let it go to your head. ;)

      That’s fantastic about meeting Clyde and getting a photo with him. So, so cool! And I can just imagine how that made your sil feel. ;)

      Woohoo! Glad you had such a great time.

      • LI Mike Says:

        Yeah, it was a fun night, Winter. I drove her home after the game and we got our feet back on the ground by talking about Obama and the campaign.

    • Gardener Says:

      :smile: :smile: :smile:

    • addisnana Says:

      What a treat and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Good for your daughter for corralling Frazier.

  7. HurrikanEagle Says:

    It’s morning, or at least according to the clock on my computer its in the am. Strange there is a sun outside too. I’ve been up and working on my final paper (crosses fingers) of my collegiate career since about midnight this morning. A mere 9 page paper on the film Mississippi Burning. Thankfully I’m almost done with page 7 of 9 and I haven’t even mentioned Jerry Mitchell or started my conclusion yet so it should be relatively easy to wrap up in the meantime.

    I had meant to start the paper yesterday, but I ended up sleeping most of yesterday since I spent an extra 45 minutes Wednesday on the driving range since I didn’t know what I’d be able to get back out there. Add to that my personal super hero ability of procrastination and I’m here trying to finish up this paper.

    One thing I will say is that this is the 3rd time I’ve done a paper on this film, and I have learned something new every time I have done it at this point.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Congratulations on (almost) wrapping up your collegiate career, HurrikanEagle. Mississippi Burning is a great movie, although the filmmakers took some artistic liberties with the story. It’s also a movie I can’t watch too often, as it’s very upsetting.

      That “driving range” thing sounds fun. I vaguely remember doing that in a past life….

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

      • HurrikanEagle Says:

        I agree I can’t watch the movie very often either. In the last few years I’ve had to watch it I think one time every year for class and then I can’t watch it again for months afterward at a minimum. It’s infuriating, upsetting, and makes me angry. But its those emotions that have caused me to write so many papers on it because its also been extremely influential.

        And yes I’m sure you do remember doing it in a past life. Unfortunately the BPI Main Campus golf course was shut down many years ago in preparation (unbeknownst at the time) for the BPI Squirrel’s Tree. Furthermore the course cannot be reasonably reopened at this time not only from golfers who might hit Squirrel’s tree making him grumpy (and you know how he gets when he gets grumpy), but also because the Senate Faculty still haven’t decided whether or not they should hold a vote to end the debate on whether or not to have a bathroom break muchless move on with the rest of their agenda.

        • winterbanyan Says:

          It’s a very hard movie to watch. Very hard. But essential to our understanding of what was going on in that era.

    • addisnana Says:

      Congrats on being almost done with your collegiate career! I think learning to manage procrastination is a skill often learned in college and one that hardly ever appears in those words on resumes. It morphs into “Can work with deadlines,” or “Can produce results under pressure.” :smile:

  8. addisnana Says:

    Good morning. My campground has everything it needs to function but no campers yet. Since it is in the 20′s at night and the fishing opener isn’t until Mother’s Day, I’d actually be surprised if a camper appeared. I have to rake out the sites and shovel out the fire pits. I am easing into this and have my site ready.

    My picnic table is perfectly level but the mounds of ground around it make it look crooked. This optical illusion offends me. I think I had it in the same place a couple of years ago and moved it because looking at it was too difficult. The reality is the bubbles on my little level say “level.” My eyes however say, “Damn that’s crooked.” :roll:

    • winterbanyan Says:

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who experienced this effect. When I moved to Colorado from the flatlands of NoDak, I honestly spent a week or more feeling like I was about to fall off the edge of the earth. Everything was so steep and curved!

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Those optical illusions can be maddening … or entertaining:

      That road looks like it goes uphill, even when you’re really there. So when people noticed that cars put in neutral will roll toward the railroad tracks, the story of the children from the school bus accident quickly spread. Except it’s an optical illusion. Surveyors’ measurements show there’s a tiny downhill grade toward the railroad tracks … just enough to let gravity pull your car along….

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

      • addisnana Says:

        Thanks for the video. There was an ad for a free on-line psychic reading. I wonder if the psychic uses tarot cards. :lol: