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Campus Question – April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012

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Campus Question – April 25, 2012

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Tonight’s Campus Question
Sarah Palin had a cow today, saying “The Obama Administration is working on regulations that would prevent children from working on our own family farms.” Her complaint is based on a Daily Caller article about “banning farm chores.” What both Palin and the Daily Caller ignored was the actual regulation, which “would not apply to children working on farms owned by their parents.” Will the conservative meme of “banning farm chores” on “our own family farms” stick, despite the facts?

  • NCrissieB

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  • NCrissieB

    PolitiFact Tennessee debunked Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) on this last month. Fact is, farm work one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. This isn’t about the children of family farm owners, who are specifically exempted under the proposed rule. It’s about the children of migrant workers, and agribusiness owners who want migrant workers’ kids to drive harvesters and run grain silo elevators. The kids could still pick vegetables. They just couldn’t operate dangerous machinery.

  • addisnana

    Okay, going out on a limb here, people who thought that Sarah Palin was qualified to be President are probably forwarding all sorts of emails, Facebook likes, tweets, etc. By the time the facts catch up with them, if they do, their minds will be so made up that they will believe their misinformation until they die.

    Maybe there is room for a talk show on cable called, “Bitten by Reality” or “The Rumor Mill” where people can write in or call in and the hosts will give them some facts.

  • There are several problems with this, as my own representative pointed out. First, the regulations tend to be vague in a number of areas. Second, for while it applies to “incorporated farms,” not technically “family farms,” a good many family farms were (and are) incorporated for tax purposes. Which puts them right under those rules. Having read through the rules, all I can say is that it basically makes 90% of what I did before I was 16 technically a violation.

    • NCrissieB

      The rule specifically exempts children working on farms owned by their parents, whether the farm is a sole proprietorship or incorporated. If you did farm work for someone other than your parents before you were 16, and if you were operating machinery, what you did might well be illegal under the new rules. But not if you were doing chores on your parents’ farm.

      If a farmer wants his/her 12-year-old to drive a harvester, run a grain silo elevator, or even use a chain saw … that’s still legal, if the child does it for his/her own parents on their farm. But not if the child does it on someone else’s farm.

      • Which was the case for me. I made a good amount of my spending money cleaning barns, stacking hay, and helping bring in cattle for milking. All of which would be illegal under the current rules.

        • I should also point out that most of the jobs I had between 16 and 18 are currently illegal for people those ages in my state. Which doesn’t leave a lot of jobs for teens these days.

  • Gardener

    Speaking of farmwork….. What I learned de-nutting pigs really does apply to today’s TGOP. You know, I found it very odd that, catching that little piggie and pinning him to the floor made him squeal to the absolute maximum. Even while the surgery was in progress, not a one of them squealed any louder than when we grabbed him and pinned him to the floor! Amazing, isn’t it? We pinned a young male pig, when he got up, he wasn’t a male anymore……. 😳

    That TGOP crowd is pretty much the same, IMO. Squealing for all they’re worth, long before the actual nut cutting…… 😉

    Good checkup at the Doc’s this PM, lost 4 #’s, BP athletic, chloresterol well within proper range. Was stuck in the arm twice, “elsewhere” once…… 😉

    Rototilled at Neighbor Julies, planted beans, tomatoes, and peppers with her. All is well……….

    Best, G

  • winterbanyan

    There was a time when it was legal for 5 yr olds to work in mines, and kids not much older to work in factories and textile mills. Many of these kids were maimed or even killed. The fact that it was legal in the past doesn’t justify an uproar about making something illegal later.

    I read the rule. Working on your family farm for your parents is still exempt. There’s always been an exemption for working in a family business, incorporated or not. I’ll also point out that there was a long comment period before this rule was put into place.

    Parents are likely to be much more cautious about what their own kids are doing, and I fear much less cautious about what somebody else’s kid is doing, especially when dealing with migrants.