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Campus Question – April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012

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Campus Question – April 15, 2012

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Tonight’s Campus Question
While insisting his wife’s work as a mother was more important than his job, Mitt Romney said in January that poor moms need “the dignity of work” outside the home. Meanwhile, today Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner joined PolitiFact and in disproving Romney’s claim that President Obama’s policies have disproportionately hurt working women. Is this why Romney advisor Kerry Healey admitted “there’s always going to be a gender gap between Republicans and Democrats?”

  • NCrissieB

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  • NCrissieB

    For Republicans, the ‘gender gap’ isn’t a rhetoric problem. It’s a policy problem. They tell women: no contraception, no abortion, it’s your fault if you’re raped, young moms should work, unless their husbands can afford to keep them home, we’ll pay you 77 cents on the dollar … and women trying to change that have undermined traditional family values …

    … now vote for us!

  • addisnana

    Dear Kerry Healey;

    This is not a gender gap. This is a how do we value privilege gap. It has nothing to do with valuing the work of mothers- those who work outside the home and those who don’t. If we valued mothering we would pay for it the way we pay for investment bankers or private equity managers (ala Bain Capital). If we valued public servants we would pay each and every one of them for the “value” of their contributions and not assume that altruism was its own reward. You can’t buy groceries with ‘the love of children.’ You can’t buy groceries with ‘I saved a house from fire.’ You can’t feed your family with, “I served my country in the Armed Forces.”

    Get real Kerry Healey. The Romney/Republican campaign is all about protecting the privileges of rich, white men. How you got sucked into this is a real question.

  • Jim W

    I don’t think that any action by Democrats can be correlated with the actions of Romney advisor Kerry Healey. Admitting “there’s always going to be a gender gap between Republicans and Democrats?” is probably self inflicted .

  • Gardener

    Mebbe a bit of Etch-A-Sketching is needed, eh? 😉

    • addisnana

      Gardener, you have a way of nailing it! 😆