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Campus Chatter – April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

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Campus Chatter – April 9, 2012

Today in history, greetings, and social banter here. (More)

St. John’s College at Cambridge was chartered today (1511). Also, Sir Walter Raleigh’s expedition left England for Roanoke Island (1585), Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville recorded a human voice on his phonautograph (1860), the U.S. Senate ratified the purchase of Alaska (1867), Marian Anderson sang at the Lincoln Memorial (1939), the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission was established (1945), white and black civil rights activists began the Journey of Reconciliation (1947), the first indoor baseball game was played at the Houston Astrodome (1965), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s funeral was held (1968), and the Philippine Basketball Association played their first game (1975). And former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega was convicted of drug and racketeering charges (1992).

Good morning! ::hugggggs::

24 Responses to “Campus Chatter – April 9, 2012”

  1. NCrissieB Says:

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  2. winterbanyan Says:

    Good morning, everyone. After taking a lazy day for recuperation yesterday, I had another bad night, but oh well. Sooner or later it gets better.

    But because I took a lazy day, I don’t really have much to add in the way of news. Losing Mike Wallace was sad. He’s been part of my entire life. I honestly had no idea he was 93, which considering my age and that Wallace has always been there, gives you some indication of of the kind of denial I live in. It’s always a shock and I have to pause and think, wow. Yeah.

    I turned my attention as far away from politics and reality as I could get it, choosing instead to read Dean Koontz when I could stay awake. A real escape. ;)

    I hope everyone is well and looking forward to a great day.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Everyone needs a break from politics from time to time, winterbanyan. I hope you feel better soon.

      As for Mike Wallace, I was struck by his son’s description of the last months, when Wallace seemed not to remember anything about 60 Minutes. Yet he talked at length about his children and grand-children. Were I to get forgetful in my last months, I hope I would remember the many wonderful relationships that have made life worthwhile … even if I could not remember whatever accomplishments I’d made. Maybe because I see those relationships as my most meaningful accomplishments.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  3. addisnana Says:

    Good morning.

    Our weather is more “normal” with a high in the 40′s and a low tonight of 27. After the way above normal March, it feels chilly.

    I watched the Master’s Golf Tournament yesterday. It was a thriller all around. I was happy for Bubba Watson who won in a two hole playoff. He dissolved into tears which I thought were pretty understandable. Some in my family thought his sobbing was excessive.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      I was actually glad to see a guy named “Bubba” cry with joy and the release of tension. ;) I did feel sorry for the other guy, though (I’m not going to try to type his name. To lose by a putt…

    • LI Mike Says:

      Bubba sobs after every win, he’s a pretty emotional guy. His dad died a while ago and has said he owes everything to his dad.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      I had the tournament on but didn’t see much as I was making homemade clam chowder. I finished just in time to see the playoff. Bubba Watson’s shot out of those trees on the final hole was amazing. I feel sorry for the runner-up, as apparently he played brilliantly all week and made a double-eagle, one of just four in Masters’ history, earlier in the day. Watson’s tears seemed an honest expression of joy, and I didn’t find them excessive at all.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  4. Gardener Says:

    Good morning!

    Blue sky and 47 degrees…… Really enjoyed the Easter Sunrise Service yesterday. Also the grand breakfast afterward by the Women’s Guild. Mmmm…. those women can cook!

    Food pantry this morning. Unload the truck day, my specialty. Takes a strong back and a weak mind…..

    Better duck out and walk the pooch….. Back in a bit. Hope your situation settles down winter, is Koontz really the type of reading you want to do for restful sleep? Inquiring minds, you know……. ;-)

    Best, G

    • winterbanyan Says:

      Glad you enjoyed the Sunrise Service yesterday, Gardener. Those were always my favorite.

      As for Koontz, he’s guaranteed to keep me distracted from everything else, which is good. He failed, however, to keep me from a nap. I was startled when my Nook plopped into my lap, but then thought, “Oh goodie” and closed my eyes. No bad dreams. ;)

    • NCrissieB Says:

      I have no doubt of your strong back, Gardener … but I don’t believe for a moment that you have a weak mind. Will you use the conveyor to unload the truck at the food pantry, or have y’all not finished with the blasting yet? ;-)

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

      • Gardener Says:

        Conveyor is nearly ready, but we still need a hole in the wall. Have recruited an able-bodied UAW retiree to help with that in the next 2 weeks. Mebbe with one of my miner buddies too, we can have a union-made project! ;-)

        It is very gratifying to me how people will pitch-in with the food pantry stuff. These 2 are part of our regular unloading crew…… It’s a bit of work, but usually a very good time!

  5. winterbanyan Says:

    Oh, and a download for my security software on Friday morning screwed me up good. I’ve been trying to get it sorted out ever since, and am dealing with their tech support. Of course we started with the usual “uninstall, reinstall” stuff, but I finally told them “There’s just so many times I’m going to do that to wind up with the same problem.”

    If they don’t give me a fix within the next 24 hours, I may restore my machine to an earlier date. Right now, everything is getting a bit messed with, which is maddening. And no, no virus or malware on the computer. I scanned. Repeatedly. Technology is wonderful until it messes up.

    • Gardener Says:

      Always reminds me of the line from “Dances With Wolves.” – - – Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn’t……

  6. LI Mike Says:

    Good Morning,

    Not a bad idea to turn away from politics and reality, Winter. I’ve hit more golf balls the last 11 weeks than I hit before in my entire life. My comment in “share your stories…” will indicate that I’m getting back in the political groove, though.

    Phone rang yesterday and it was my grand dtr informing us that she saw President Clinton and Madame Secretary of State. It turns out, as my dtr explained, the family went out for Easter brunch and sitting a few tables away were Bill and Hillary. As an extra celebrity bonus, Michael Douglas and family came in later.

    Being good neighbors and constituents they let Bill and Hill eat in peace w/o interrupting. From what I hear, Bill is fairly accommodating with his Chappaqua, Westchester neighbors.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      Well, now I’m only 2-3 degrees removed from Bill and Hillary. ;) And Michael Douglas. Very cool celebrity sightings for your daughter and family. That must have been fun.

      I hear you about hitting the golf balls. I don’t have that release, but I’m getting to an emotional place that’s not good for an activist. Odd, four years ago I volunteered out of hope. This time around I’m going to be working my butt off out of anger.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Sounds like a very nice Easter brunch. Oddly, no celebrities showed up when I had a bowl of cereal at home…. ;-)

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  7. glendaw271 Says:

    Good morning, everyone. I hope you had a pleasant weekend.

    It was fun to visit the family, especially when all the family had arrived and it was time for the Easter egg hunt. Now that the Older W is almost an official adult, he had a great time hiding the eggs for all of the others.

    I had a start on seeing my mother, as she had fallen again about a week ago. From the base of her neck to the top of her head, she was black and blue on the right side of her face. I asked her to call one of her grandsons who live within a few miles to take her trash can out and bring it back to her garage on garbage day, but it’s doubtful that she will, even though two of her latest falls was because she was trying to move the garbage can. She is both stubborn and hesitant to ask her grandkids for help because they are ‘so busy with the kids and their own life’. I understand her thoughts, but she really needs to take care of herself.

    My brother is supposed to get some kind of shot in a few weeks, which will set things up for his back surgery in early July. He and his youngest son are acting like my Dad and my brother used to act when my brother was taking over the farm. Now that my brother is depending on his son, he’s trying to make sure that things are done just so, despite the opinions of my nephew. Just another example of what goes around comes around, but it was somewhat humorous seeing my brother on the other side of the arguments that I used to hear.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      That is amusing about your brother and his son. ;) And it’s always better to be on the outside watching. Much more humorous.

      I’m truly sorry about your mother. My great grandmother had the same independence, and I think she made it to her advanced age only because she let some of her rooms to college students. These students more than once helped her out – like the time one came home to find the pilot light on the stove had gone out and the house was filling with gas. He got my grandmother out and called for help. Or the time they found she had fallen off a ladder.

      I think my grandmother was blessed in a way: her sense of independence was encouraged by renting the rooms, but what she got in return far exceeded the rent: help when she needed it most. It’s too bad we can’t arrange something like for everyone at that age.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      I hope your mom finds the strength to ask others for help, Glenda. It’s nice to be independent, but it’s also nice to realize that other people think enough of you to help with the little things … like moving garbage cans so you don’t fall and get hurt.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  8. trs Says:

    Good morning. Survived Easter with no problem. Kidlet went with friends yesterday, so iriti and I took a hike…

    I also found out during the hike that ticks are attracted to me. One bit me on the jaw (right in my beard line) and two more were on me when we got home and inspected each other. Iriti lucked out – not a tick on her. I don’t know why they went for me but not her.

    Today I finish up at the house I worked at last week. I finish building the raised bed boxes, put the posts for the gate in the ground, and mount the gate. Shouldn’t take too long, and I’m bringing Kidlet along to help.

  9. Gardener Says:

    I am gonna grab a bowl of cereal and wait for the celebs to arrive. Adios my friends, hugggs!

    Best, G