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Noontime News Roundup – March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

Noontime & Nighttime News

Noontime News Roundup – March 12, 2012

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Jobs Abound In Energy Industry’s New Boom Time

Economists say many industries are looking up this year. But perhaps none has a better outlook than the energy sector.

How Ford’s CEO Helped Restore The ‘American Icon’

Seven years ago, when journalist Bryce Hoffman started covering the Ford Motor Co. for The Detroit News, he knew he was either witnessing the end of an American icon or its resurrection.

Afghan civilian deaths spark calls for U.S. exit

(Reuters) – The massacre of 16 villagers by a U.S. soldier has triggered angry calls for an immediate American exit from Afghanistan as Washington tries to negotiate a long-term presence to keep the country from sliding into chaos again.

Dozens of Syrian civilians killed in Homs

(Reuters) – Dozens of civilians were killed in cold blood in the Syrian city of Homs, opposition activists and Syrian state media said on Monday, although they disputed responsibility for what both sides called a massacre.

Money markets, largely unchanged since 2008 crisis, remain big risk

WASHINGTON — Plain-vanilla money market funds, part of the skeletal structure of American finance, may be a $2.7 trillion disaster hiding in plain site (sic).

ConAgra workers suing contractor over deadly 2009 explosion

Opening arguments could come as soon as next week in a trial over a civil suit brought by seven former ConAgra Foods workers against a contractor and one of its employees for their role in a deadly explosion at the plant.

Donations flood in after Catholic Church cuts fund to homeless agency

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The first of hundreds of online donations to Francis House came in early Thursday, just after midnight, as news broke that the Catholic Church was cutting off funding to the homeless services agency because of its new director’s support of Planned Parenthood and gay marriage.

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  • glendaw271

    I am glad to see that the homeless shelter is receiving donations in place of what was being provided by the Catholic Church. I hope, like Planned Parenthood after the Koman disaster, that they end up with more money than they would have received from the church.

    This is just another story that has made be glad that I decided to leave the church a couple of years ago. To date, I can’t remember a story about the church that has made me rethink that decision.