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Campus Question – March 10, 2012

March 10, 2012

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Campus Question – March 10, 2012

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Tonight’s Campus Question
NASA is offering The International Space Apps Challenge, a contest TPM‘s Carl Franzen describes as “a race between programmers to develop the best apps they can within a set time limit using NASA’s data.” One example challenge would be to “a) make Kepler [Space Observatory] data more accessible or b) create something amazing with it.” How does this prove that, if reelected, President Obama plans to let his extraterrestrial campaign donors take over the earth?

  • NCrissieB
  • NCrissieB

    Continuing this morning’s satire, clearly NASA is part of the plot to make information more accessible … for the space aliens! How can we be sure NASA won’t choose ‘winners’ whose software broadcasts our weaknesses?!?

    More seriously, I love this NASA program. As we saw in last summer’s discussion of Richard Florida’s The Great Reset, breakthroughs happen more readily when innovators work together in a critical mass. Programs like this help create those innovative critical masses.

    While free market fundamentalists will say criticize this program because the programmers won’t own the rights to their work – NASA requires all submissions to be open-source – programmers will do this … because they want to take part in Something Big.

  • glendaw271

    Easy one tonight – they are looking for an app even more addicting than Angry Birds or Words with Friends. When the entire population of the Earth is busy with the app, they can easily take over the Earth and no one will even notice.

    • winterbanyan

      You mean they haven’t already taken over???? :facepalm:

    • addisnana

      But wait, I really like Words With Friends. 🙂

  • Jim W

    Nothing new here. NASA has always been controlled by extra terrestrials.

    In December 2006, seven papers were published in the scientific journal, Science, discussing initial details of the sample analysis. Among the findings are: a wide range of organic compounds, including two that contain biologically usable nitrogen; indigenous aliphatic hydrocarbons with longer chain lengths than those observed in the diffuse interstellar medium; abundant amorphous silicates in addition to crystalline silicates such as olivine and pyroxene, proving consistency with the mixing of solar system and interstellar matter, previously deduced spectroscopically from ground observations;[25] hydrous silicates and carbonate minerals were found to be absent, suggesting a lack of aqueous processing of the cometary dust; limited pure carbon (CHON) was also found in the samples returned; methylamine and ethylamine was found in the aerogel but was not associated with specific particles.

    I need Glen Beck’s white board to explain it.

    • winterbanyan

      😆 😆 😆 That was priceless!

    • addisnana

      Cool! I did not know that asteroid 5535 belonged to Anne Frank. The things one learns at BPI!

  • addisnana

    Clearly extraterrestrials temporarily took over Rush Limbaugh and caused what looked suspiciously like the meltdown of an earthling. Why isn’t this being reported? I hope the ET’s take over more of Obama’s haters in this very way because I love watching a good meltdown. Great contribution to Obama’s reelection campaign. More! More!

    I don’t think ET’s took over Rick Santorum. I suspect that was the devil who had finally lost patience with being accused by Santorum of every imaginable thing.

    NASA has a great idea going here! More information, more accessible…OMG it may be a plot against Rupert Murdock. Won’t he be PO’d that he wasted all that money hacking when he could have just waited for NASA?

    Good luck to all the programmers!

  • winterbanyan

    I love this NASA idea. Absolutely love it. Imagine all the brains taking this challenge and thinking outside the box, and probably well beyond it. How very cool!

    Of course, if only extraterrestrials participate, we could be in trouble. 😉

  • Gardener

    Good evening……

    Missed the morning confab account had taken the dog to the Vet who kept her overnight. Was waiting on phone call, then went and got her. She’s doing better, but nowhere near normal. Vet thinks internal infection, gave her AB shots, sent pills along home. She stays away from the house, lays in the leaves…… We’re kinda concerned, she’s 11 years old……

    Best, G

    PS: Radishes, spinach, and lettuce sprouted, but tiny…. 🙂

    • trs

      Sorry to hear about the woozle, G. Gaffer and I are sending healing vibes out your way.

  • sjterrid

    Tonight’s Campus Question was very timely. My son has been home this week and goes back to RIT tomorrow. Just showed him the link to see if he might be interested. He is majoring in Game Design. Thank you, Crissie. 🙂