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Midday Matinee – Why This One Dog?

February 29, 2012

Midday Matinee

Midday Matinee – Why This One Dog?

Midday Matinee is our people watching, people doing and people being feature. Join the Woodland Creatures for an afternoon break.

White Wilderness Sled Dogs has had 100’s of dogs over the years. Shibe, named for the baseball stadium Shibe Park (later Connie Mack stadium) in Philadelphia is the first one to be granted the status of “house dog.” She is not yet a family pet as she is restricted to the downstairs, but she is an inside dog and very affectionate. I brought my camera but forgot the cable that connects it to my computer so words will have to do. Shibe is black with white paws, two white spots over her eyes and a mostly white lower muzzle. She has brown eyes.

Shibe had surgery in the fall and for such dogs, the downstairs is the recovery room for usually a week at most. For some reason, Shibe is still inside. She’s kind of like the greeter when people come into the office. She’s so well behaved and friendly that for customers who may be afraid of dogs, she’s a perfect first impression. Shibe still pulls a sled every now and then but one of the “reasons” she is inside is that she didn’t get her winter coat.

I imagine that Republicans would say that Shibe earned her special status and deserves it and should probably have her taxes cut too. I imagine some of us might look at her privileged status and wonder why her and why not one of the other 99 that are still outside. There aren’t really 99 dogs outside, but it was an irresistible point to make given this story.

Shibe is a special dog but it could be that being inside and being the only inside dog brought out the charming side to her personality. Given how intelligent these animals are, I choose to think that Shibe figured out her game plan while she was recovering from surgery and worked her plan to the max. She is after all the only inside dog ever at this place.

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  • winterbanyan

    Addisnana is have intermittent connection problems. She said she’ll try to get here later to answer comments.

  • addisnana

    I am currently north and east of the blizzard by Duluth. Checking the highways between here and the twin cities I see purple, “travel not recommended” lines every where. It is snowing here but by no means a white out. It’s a good time to stay put. My internet connections are iffy at best.

    • winterbanyan

      I agree it’s a good time to stay put and be safe. Keep warm!

  • winterbanyan

    I love your description of Shibe and her charm. 🙂 Not getting her winter coat is a great excuse to keep her indoors, but it sounds as if she’s creating a whole new kind of place for herself, as friendly greeter.

    Smart as well as charming. And apparently she enjoys being indoors with people as much as she enjoys pulling a sled. I hope you can post a photo of her sometime.

    Thanks, addisnana. She may be one of the one-percent, but apparently she’s not a dog-eat-dog type. And she’s not above working hard, even with her privileges.

  • It sounds like Shibe decided that she was a house dog, and anyone else’s idea to the contrary was irrelevant. 😆 Back when I used to have a show kennel, people would tell me that “kennel dogs don’t make good house dogs.” Funny, but every dog I ever had seemed to immediately figure out that house + couches = best thing ever. So much so that I often had to physically push them out the door to “do their business.” One of my fellow breeders was visiting, and I said to them “You know, the first line of the standard says that these are lithe, active dogs. But all I ever see are large furry lumps laying on the floor or the furniture.” :roll:

    Sad news today: Davy Jones of the Monkees passed away today. 😥

    • winterbanyan

      No surprise about dogs there. 😉 They do immediately figure out that equation.

      Sorry about Davy Jones. I always liked him best.

      • My last dog, Mocha was one of those. She was a “kennel dog” until she had her litter – which was my last one as a breeder. Somewhere along the line she decided that she really, really preferred being in the house over going back to the kennel. She made me realize that by demonstrating that she’d inherited all of her father’s “escape artist” genes. My formerly “escape proof runs” (designed with her father in mind) turned out to be just minor obstacles to her. As I found out by her repetitive reappearances at my back door within 10 minutes of being put outdoors. :roll:

  • NCrissieB

    It sounds as if Shibe is quite the charmer. It also reminds us that dogs do think for themselves. In fact, sled dogs are bred for independence, as they often detect dangers that sled drivers might not. If the driver says “Go this way” and the dogs realize that’s not safe, they’re expected to find a safer route. Given the chance, Shibe seems to have decided she prefers the white-collar inside job. “What a snob!” 😉

  • sjterrid

    Addisnana thank you for telling this story about Shibe. She sounds beautiful as well as smart.

    I’m glad you decided to stay put, and I hope there isn’t too much damage done by the blizzard by Duluth.