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Things We Did This Week – February 20-26, 2012

February 27, 2012


Things We Did This Week – February 20-26, 2012

Please share your stories of offline political activism here.

  • winterbanyan

    My apologies, but since I’m so focused on house update and emptying I did little this week except have a couple of discussion with people and write (again!) various congress critters and senators. I love it when I get a response that has nothing to do with what I wrote about. My Tea Party Congressman seems particularly prone to that. Interestingly, he has a Republican opponent. I don’t yet know whether that’s good or bad, but maybe his opponent won’t be so Tea Party? I can hope, especially since the Dems haven’t yet found a candidate.

    I hate for anyone to win an election as a “gimme.”

  • addisnana

    I am still phone banking and helping new callers get comfortable with the process. I am using the call from home on the VAN and although I like the camaraderie of the OFA office, it is nice to be able to talk without one finger in the non-phone ear so I can hear.

    Attended a gathering of Democrats with some heavy-hitters. The mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota’s two progressive Congresspeople- McCollum and Ellison and Jim Messina, the Campaign Director for Obama’s reelection. Messina is a great storyteller!
    There was some emphasis on telling your own story to recruit more volunteers but still a lot of emphasis on getting the facts right.

  • sjterrid

    I went to my local OFA/SJ Citizens for Change Women for Obama event on Wednesday. There were approximately 120 women that showed up. There was definitely energetic voices talking about all the recent attacks on women by republicans. We then heard a video message from FLOTUS, who was able to answer 3 questions. She mostly was making sure we get more women involved in the campaign.

    I, also signed a petition to get President Obama on the NJ Primary Ballot. I already signed up to volunteer to make calls, and to register voters. I was going to make calls using VAN today, but I was having trouble setting up my account. In fact I’m waiting to find out what code to use to make calls.

    • sjterrid

      The first sentence should read SJ Citizens for change, Women for Obama event on Wednesday.