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Evening Focus – Silly Sunday: Filling the Void

January 29, 2012

Our Evening Focus

Evening Focus – Silly Sunday: Filling the Void

Tonight’s NFL Pro Bowl was once an afterthought, played the week after the Super Bowl. Now it’s the Dark Ages. (More)

Coming after the dawn of primitive man in the preseason and the ascent of civilization through Mesopotamia and Egypt in the regular season to Greece and Rome in the playoffs, the Pro Bowl is the obscure and mysterious void before the Super Bowl of modern times. Or maybe I’ve been reading too many Newt Gingrich speeches.

Regardless, it’s Silly Sunday and this week we’ve found an abundance of humor to fill the football void. For example, several humorists took aim at Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich:


Newt’s Grandiose Thoughts – by mimidee#39 (The Daily Satire)

Check out Newt’s Grandiose Thoughts … like” ‘Marriage is between a man and a woman, or another woman, or another woman’ … ‘Freedom is so important that he left two wives at their lowest point in life for his own freedom’ … There’s new Grandiose Thoughts every day.

Put a lunar colony on that link for more….


In Confident Sign, Gingrich Changes Facebook Status to ‘In an Open Relationship’ – by Andy Borowitz (The Borowitz Report)

Newt to America: ‘Join Me. Join Me in My Marriage’

CHARLESTON, SC (The Borowitz Report) – In a sign of renewed confidence, just minutes after former House Speaker Newt Gingrich romped to victory in the South Carolina primary he changed his Facebook status to “In an Open Relationship.”

Mr. Gingrich made no reference to his new Facebook status during his victory speech, in which he made an emotional appeal to the American people: “I say to each and every one of you: Join me. Join me in my marriage.”

Have another woman click the link for more….


Time Traveler From The Year 1998 Warns Nation Not To Elect Newt Gingrich – (The Onion)

WASHINGTON—Saying he came bearing an important message from the past, a stranger from the year 1998 appeared on the Capitol steps Thursday and urged voters not to elect Newt Gingrich president in 2012. “In the late 20th century, Newt Gingrich is a complete disgrace!” said the time-traveling man, warning Americans that 14 years in the not-so-distant past, Gingrich becomes the only speaker in the history of the House of Representatives to be found guilty on ethics charges, and is later forced to resign.

Fire a neutrino at that link for more….


But the humor wasn’t all about Gingrich. The Squirrel noted that Socratails invented the idea of debate, and here’s proof that other woodland creatures have taken up the challenge….


GOP Debate Chipmunks – by Karoli (Sent to Twitterverse)



And as Newt faltered in the last debate….


Romneymania Sweeps America – (The Onion)

TAMPA, FL—From coast to coast, town to town, and in nearly every public meeting place and private residence across America, millions have been captivated, inspired, and in some cases moved to tears by presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who now finds himself campaigning before a nation in the throes of full-scale Romneymania.

“The raw energy and enthusiasm Mitt Romney stirs inside people is like nothing I’ve ever seen,” Youngstown, OH auto mechanic Chris Ritenour said Wednesday. “Everything he says resonates with Americans. His moving story of growing up privileged, his inspiring rise from moderate wealth to overwhelming riches, his thrilling work in the highest echelons of corporate finance—he really speaks to the heart and mind of the common man.”

“I don’t think there’s been a presidential candidate this exciting and magnetic in generations, if ever.” Ritenour continued. “I am a Romneymaniac.”

Blindly trust your Swiss banker to click the link for more….


And if you’re tired of politics….


The Mystery of Eels and That Guy At The Office Who Thinks He’s Funny – (Jillian Michaels’ Facebook page)

Electrify that link for more of her photos.


So see? You didn’t miss football after all. Tune in next week for Silly Sunday: Super Bowl Edition!, after which civilization and life as we know it will collapse until protozoa reemerge in April for the 2012 NFL Draft …

… to be held on the moon.

  • winterbanyan

    Thanks for this very full grab bag of funnies! I can’t begin to tell you which I think was funniest but the idea of Romneymania? Those eels do a better job of getting my attention. Well, except when it comes to anger. 😉