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Evening Focus: Silly Sunday 5 – Fiiiiive Gooooold Riiiiings

December 18, 2011

Our Evening Focus

Evening Focus: Silly Sunday 5 – Fiiiiive Gooooold Riiiiings

T’was a week before Christmas, n’like O’Reilly bots,
The right wing spewed rage on mere ‘Holiday’ thoughts…. (More)

Many trees, a church visit had left them unmoved,
Obama’s Dark Muslim Agenda it proved.
Then lo on the Net there appeared so much chatter
The Bippiefolk came to see what was the matter
Seven days before Christmas, light hearts came to sing
Silly Sunday’s today, join our “Fiiiiive Gooooold Riiiiiings!”


2011’s Biggest Political Newsmakers – (The Onion)

Barack Obama: Really hit his stride in his third year in office, prompting a record 214 angry e-mail forwards from your grandfather about how the president was bent on undermining the economy, the country in general, and Christianity.

Pray that someone will on the link so you can see more of top 2011 political newsmakers.


Christians celebrate as Canadian penguins renounce Satan – by Imp#5 (The Daily Satire)

Christians the world over are rejoicing after the infamous gay penguins of Toronto Zoo have publicly rejected the homosexual ways of the devil to come over to the heterosexual side of God

Buddy and Pedro had been living their lives in sin and seemed destined for an eternal stay in the fiery pits of hell as a result of their ‘unnatural union’.

Place a sanctified penguin egg or mouse click on the link for more.


Jesus Responds to Rick Perry’s “Strong” Ad – by Ryan Perez (Live Funny Or Die)


Conspiracy Theorists Believe Actual Republican Candidates Are Tied Up Somewhere – by Andy Borowitz (The Borowitz Report)

DES MOINES (The Borowitz Report) – A growing number of conspiracy theorists believe that the Republican candidates who keep showing up for televised debates are impostors and that the actual GOP candidates are tied up in a warehouse somewhere.

“There’s no way that these people are the actual candidates,” said Tracy Klugian, a leading conspiracy theorist who subscribes to the warehouse theory. “The American people need to stand up and demand the return of the real ones.”

Watch for black helicopters while clicking the link for more.


Fox News Names Pepper Spray Person of the Year – by Andy Borowitz (The Borowitz Report)

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – The Fox News Channel made history today by naming “pepper spray” its Person of the Year for 2011.

Fox anchor Megyn Kelly noted the historic nature of the nod, indicating that pepper spray was “the first food product, essentially” to receive such prestigious recognition.

Don gas mask before clicking the link for more.


And the laughter rolled on, except from the right
Silly Sunday to all, and to all a good night!

  • winterbanyan

    These were all wonderfully funny, and just what I needed after some of the news today. Borowitz takes the cake though. I wish he’d write faster. 😉

  • NCrissieB

    BREAKING: God deserts Tim Tebow

    “I gotta say, Tom Brady is more handsome,” the Almighty after the game. “He’s also a more accurate passer and has better game-management skills. And Brady doesn’t think I micromanage his life which, frankly, is a relief. With poverty and the climate and stuff, I have more important things to worry about.”

  • Gardener

    I’ve often thought that…..

    I once heard someone say, “I prayed I’d find a close parking spot.” I said, are you kidding? There’s someone being held at gunpoint and robbed right now, and you’re bothering the Almighty over a place to park? Sheesh!

    • addisnana

      I have “visualized” getting a close parking spot and sometimes it works. I would not bother the Almighty over it though. 🙂

    • Jim W

      My Almighty can multitask. My close parking comes from free will. Free will was a gift I gratefully received.

  • addisnana

    Where do you think the warehouse with the ‘real’ candidates is located? I love this theory and wondered if they were found and released if we could tell the difference? Hmmm.

    Thanks, Crissie. Very good giggles!