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Noontime News Roundup – November 2, 2011

November 2, 2011

Noontime & Nighttime News

Noontime News Roundup – November 2, 2011

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Super Committee Republicans’ ‘Deficit Reduction’ Plan Includes $800 Billion In Tax Cuts

The congressional fiscal super committee that is tasked with crafting a deficit reduction package of at least $1.5 trillion met today with the architects of the Bowles-Simpson and Rivlin-Domenici deficit reduction plans. Both Democrats and Republicans have recently released their initial offers to the super committee, which seems no nearer to cutting a final deal than it did when it was first formed.

Personhood USA Confirms That Mississippi Abortion Ban Would Outlaw Birth Control Pills

Next Tuesday, Mississippians will go to the polls to decide on Initiative 26, a personhood amendment to the state constitution that defines a person as “every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the functional equivalent thereof.” Personhood amendments represent an extreme reach into a family’s privacy, essentially criminalizing abortion and potentially outlawing common forms of birth control.

Santorum Explains How Ryan’s Medicare Privatization Plan Will ‘Ration’ Care To Seniors

During a roundtable with voters in Iowa this morning, Rick Santorum explained how Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize the Medicare program for future enrollees would “ration” care to seniors by capping the amount of money beneficiaries would have to spend on health care services

S.C. Rep. Duncan likens illegal immigrants to animals, vagrants

U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, a Laurens Republican, is raising some eyebrows after likening illegal immigrants to animals and vagrants during a talk Monday to Furman University students.

Occupy Sacramento leaders sue city over First Amendment issues

After nearly a month of tense standoffs in Sacramento’s Cesar Chavez Plaza, Occupy Sacramento activists — seeking to thwart the city’s insistence on clearing the park nightly — moved the battle to another venue: the federal courts.

A trio of lawyers — arguing the protesters’ First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and assembly are being violated — filed suit Tuesday against the city of Sacramento, the city manager and the city’s parks director on behalf of 34 named plaintiffs, including activist Cindy Sheehan.

Feds File Massive Fraud Case Against Allied Home Mortgage

Federal prosecutors sued Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corp. and two top executives Tuesday, accusing them of running a massive fraud scheme that cost the government at least $834 million in insurance claims on defaulted home loans.

U.S. Government Glossed Over Cancer Concerns As It Rolled Out Airport X-Ray Scanners

On Sept. 23, 1998, a panel of radiation safety experts gathered at a Hilton hotel in Maryland to evaluate a new device that could detect hidden weapons and contraband. The machine, known as the Secure 1000, beamed X-rays at people to see underneath their clothing.

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  • A good news story: Flight from Newark makes emergency landing in Warsaw.:

    A Boeing 767 on a flight from Newark, New Jersey, made a dramatic emergency landing at Warsaw, Poland’s Frederic Chopin International airport Tuesday after problems with its landing gear, an airport spokeswoman said.

    All the passengers on the flight, from Newark Liberty International Airport to Warsaw, are safe and uninjured, she told CNN. Newark Liberty serves the greater New York area.

    They interviewed some of the passengers, and some of them thought the wheels were down – the pilot landed it that well. There’s some remarkable footage of the landing – it’s something that is going to be the “textbook” belly landing.

  • The thing about the “personhood amendment” is that it’s fundamentally stupid and unenforceable. Quite simply, you can’t tell when fertilization actually happens, and even beyond that, you can’t detect whether it was “successful” until quite some time afterwards. However, I have a quick way to make them realize that “actions have consequences” if it passes. 👿 Just file immediate criminal charges against their wives for murder, and charges against them for accessory to murder. Seriously, if they’ve been having unprotected sex during their marriage, they obviously have killed several “people” during that time. That’s multiple charges, right there. Let’s seem them squirm.

  • Jim W

    Study Finds Every Style Of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable Adults

    October 26, 2011 | Onion ISSUE 47•43

    SANTA ROSA, CA—A study released by the California Parenting Institute Tuesday shows that every style of parenting inevitably causes children to grow into profoundly unhappy adults. “Our research suggests that while overprotective parenting ultimately produces adults unprepared to contend with life’s difficulties, highly permissive parenting leads to feelings of bitterness and isolation throughout adulthood,” lead researcher Daniel Porter said. “And, interestingly, we found that anything between those two extremes is equally damaging, always resulting in an adult who suffers from some debilitating combination of unpreparedness and isolation. Despite great variance in parenting styles across populations, the end product is always the same: a profoundly flawed and joyless human being.” The study did find, however, that adults often achieve temporary happiness when they have children of their own to perpetuate the cycle of human misery.