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HEMMED In – Proud to be a Badger

August 4, 2011


HEMMED In – Proud to be a Badger

Today’s output from Blogistan Polytechnic Institute’s state-of-the-art HEMMED (High-Energy Meta Mojo Elucidation Detector) machine is the menacing snarl of a Badger.

This is not going to be a treatise on the issues in the state of Wisconsin.

It is not going to be about the class warfare that Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) and his cohorts in the Wisconsin legislature decided to wage on the working people of Wisconsin. It is not going to be about the 14 Democratic state senators who left the state to deny the GOP a quorum and to give Wisconsinites time see the horror of the tea party’s vision of Wisconsin. It is not going to be about 150,000 people in a single day showing up at the state capitol in Madison or the hundreds of thousands who showed up day after day to protest the assault by our state government on it’s own citizens and our values. It is not going to be about We Are Wisconsin, which is both a group of labor unions working to take back our state and a statement about the solidarity we are feeling. It is not going to be about the long history of progressivism and the union movement and standing up for working people that are Wisconsin traditions.

It is about all of these things. But more than anything it is about the pride I feel that Wisconsin is leading a movement that is pure Wisconsin in its determination and which has sparked a renewal of progressive values throughout the country.

I am bursting with pride because of the excellent candidates our party found, including five women candidates, who were willing to step up and run in this shortened election cycle:

Nancy Nusbaum, former President of Wisconsin NARAL and former Mayor of DePere, WI, is running against Rob Cowles in WI-SD-02.

Sandy Pasch, a member of the Wisconsin state Assembly since 2008, is running against Alberta Darling in WI-SD-08.

Shelly Moore, a former high school teacher who was elected to the National Education Association (NEA) Board of Directors in 2005, is running against Sheila Harsdorf in WI-SD-10.

Jessica King, Deputy Mayor of Oshkosh, WI, is running against Randy Hopper in WI-SD-18.

Jennifer Shilling, a Wisconsin state Assemblywoman since 2000, is running against Dan Kapanke in WI-SD-32.

Fred Clark, a two term Wisconsin state Assemblyman, is running against Luther Olsen in WI-SD-14.

I am thrilled that going into the election on Tuesday, August 9th, we have a strong chance to win back the state senate and create a legislative block to Gov. Walker and provide a check on many of his appointments.

I canvassed in Oshkosh and met Jessica King who promised me that she would stand up for us.

I met Joanne, one of Jessica King’s staff, who is going door to door on roller blades in 90+ degree heat to make sure the Jessica King is in Madison standing up for us.

But I did not need to meet two women to know about the spirit and determination of Wisconsin’s people.

I see them all the time: the people who work in our school district, who maintain our roads and highways, who staff our hospitals and clinics and run our small businesses. People who are proud of the quality of life here and anxious to pass that on to their children and grandchildren.

This fight is for them. And that Badger snarl is for anyone who dares tell us that We The People are less important than the corporations and special interests.

They are wrong.

And to those who say that the results of this election are not to be taken as any kind of pushback against Republican overreach?

They could not be more wrong.

Recall Repeal Rebuild

Happy Thursday to everyone and fist bumps!

The BPI Campus Progressive agenda:
1. People matter more than profits.
2. The earth is our home, not our trash can.
3. We need good government for both #1 and #2.

Click now to contribute to Jessica King and/or We Are Wisconsin.

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  • JanF

    Crunch time. Five days … leave everything on the field.

  • winterbanyan

    I’m phonebanking. This resurgence of the “people’s will” thrills me, and I think WI has a great deal to be proud of. And so do you.

  • NCrissieB

    You should be proud to be a Badger, Jan. Wisconsin Democrats are standing tall as you both push back against Gov. Walker and carve a trail for the rest of us. Sounds like y’all have great candidates. I’m phone-banking from here and I wish I could be there to walk the neighborhoods with you.

    How is Regis P. Fluffytail doing with his phone-banking, by the way? Is the chitter-to-English translator working well?

    • JanF

      The baby is fitting right in. Turns out that Badgers chitter also:

      The badger has a surprisingly diverse vocal repertoire which may relate to both their nocturnal habits, and the relative complexity of their social structure. When communicating with other badgers discrete sound types may be differentiated contextually. For example, the growl may be used either in a warning/ defence context or it may be produced in conjunction with a show of dominance. The badger’s vocal repertoire consists of at least sixteen discrete calls, varying from long, low pitched growls to short, high-pitched squeaks and bird-like coos. Churrs, purrs, and keckers seem to be restricted to adults only, while chirps, clucks, coos, squeaks and wails are confined to the badger cub’s repertoire.

      The chitter is a relatively short, high-pitched, querulous chatter, characterised on average by four or five components per call.

      • NCrissieB

        The Squirrel will be happy to hear that. 🙂

    • JanF

      Thank you for phone banking.

  • addisnana

    Nice HemmedIn Jan. Wisconsin is showing the rest of us how to stand up and be united. The progressive tradition is a proud and activist way of practicing democracy. I am taking notes. At various times since Walker’s election I have said to myself, “My God how did that happen?” I hope when the Democrats retake the Senate someone else will be uttering those words.

    I love canvassing but I don’t think I’d make it very far on rollerblades. I am impressed.

    • JanF

      We will also show the rest of the country what WIN looks like.

      The energy from next week’s victories will roll into Ohio and Michigan and our recall petition drive for Scott Walker … and into 2012.