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Campus Chatter – May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

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Campus Chatter – May 21, 2011

Today in history, greetings, and social banter here. (More)

The Tetrarchy began today (293). Also, João da Nova discovered the island of Saint Helena (1502), “Bloody Week” began in Paris (1871), Clara Barton established the American Red Cross (1881), FIFA was founded in Paris (1904), and Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris (1927). And Montenegro voted for independence (2006). Not in Paris.

Good morning! ::hugggggs::

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  1. JanF Says:

    56 degrees in North Central Blogistan on it’s way up to 73. Showers and thunderstorms predicted but not wanted.

    Yesterday on Campus:

    Morning FeatureRebuilding America, Part II: Keys to Better Plans
    Furthermore! – The BPI Squirrel on Newt’s Press Pass
    Midday Matinee – winterbanyan with a community effort in Nepal
    Evening Focus – JanF with our Week in Review

    The Campus Question discussed Afghan poppy farming

    Today on Campus

    Morning FeatureRebuilding America, Part III: Finding the Money starts with … Fred
    HEMMED In at 11am Eastern – JanF with Saturday videos
    Noontime News at noon Eastern – TheNewsHound
    Campus Question at 6pm Eastern

    Note: All content suspended in case of rapture.

  2. JanF Says:

    From the “this should surprise exactly no one” file:

    They came to Washington with a near singular focus on heady national issues, like cutting spending, reducing the budget deficit and paying down the national debt.

    But in their first few months in office, many in the historic freshman class of GOP lawmakers have been waylaid by far more parochial concerns — tornadoes and flooding that have ravaged the South, cost billions of dollars in damage and taken hundreds of lives.

    And now these freshmen — especially those from Louisiana, Alabama and the Midwest — realize more than ever their constituents need the federal government’s help. And money.

    Many have blunted their anti-government tough talk — choosing instead to focus on how local, state and federal agencies can best help their constituents rebuild. And while none of these conservative freshmen are backing off their hawkish views on the deficit, their rhetoric has definitely taken a softer turn as they see death and destruction in their backyard and assess the role of the federal government in helping.

    Actually, it is surprising because strict ideology demands that you ignore Realworldia. And teabaggery demands that you ignore your constituents. Maybe there is hope for America.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      I’ll believe there’s hope when they come to their senses about the debt ceiling. If we have to spend more on interest on our debt because our credit rating drops, (yes, just like what happens to the average American who misses a credit card payment) then where will we be able to get the money to help areas of our country ravaged by disasters?

      And maybe somone ought to explain to the country that raising the debt ceiling doesn’t allow us to borrow more, it merely keeps us from owing more. You know, like our freaking credit cards. It is our statement of our confidence in our future growth.

      • JanF Says:

        Don’t you think that it is interesting that they are unable to ignore human pain and suffering when it is right in front of them but simply cannot conceive of it in the abstract? Their brains must be wired differently. When I hear “privatize Medicare” I immediately think of little old ladies who can’t afford their medicines dying in their studio apartments surrounded by their cats. Republicans think “tax cuts for the rich”.

        I do think that every politician needs a tour of Realworldia.

        • winterbanyan Says:

          I agree, Jan. They are amazingly dense and insulated. The ones who are being faced with the hardship as the result of the tornadoes and floods seem to be developing a little awareness, but I wonder how long it will last?

          None of them could live on my income. They wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to make the cuts I’ve had to make to maintain the basics after a 60% decrease in income…thanks to their failed economic policies.

          Work harder? I can’t. It’s already 7 days a week. So maybe coming out here and staying in my house for a few days would be a lesson. Or better yet, visiting some of my other neighbors. Or even poorer people. I’d be happy to walk them through my budget. I’m sure others would as well.


          • Jim W Says:

            Last time realworldia intervened with the equivalent of we will mail you your check next pay day. Treasury announced that the Social Security Checks would be late next month.

            • JanF Says:

              What!!!????!! You mean the government defaulting on it’s debt actually DOES have real world implications???!!!??? I thought it was just left-wing scare mongering. :shock:

              Rich people said so.

              • Jim W Says:

                The best analogy to the Government money handling, I could think of, is the Mom & Pop store. The Government gets most of its money for payroll taxes collected weekly, monthly or quarterly. The store gets most of its money from sales or repayment of credit card transactions. The Government has notes bonds and other debts and obligations outstanding. The Mom & Pop store borrowed money from relatives and friends and the bank when it started and whenever it expanded. Both have creditors and when they have a cash flow pinch have to decide who gets paid first.

                The store has to pay withholding taxes first, wages next then come the creditors. Suppliers change from bill and pay at the end of the month to pay at delivery. Some offer better terms then others. This makes inventory control interesting.

                The treasury has not said who gets paid first. They have promised to pay interest on late payments. The rich people are not worried. The Government also saves cash by sending workers home. Workers may or may not get paid for the time they miss because of the cash flow problem. Then their is business. Business usually borrows against the Government commitment to pay. They will lose the difference in the finance costs and government late payment allowances.

                Cash flow is the debt celling problem. Fred may understand. Fred won’t hear it on the TV. The Republican line is about long term problems, not the delay in the next months check. Grandma can’t pay the rent with “long term problems.”

                • JanF Says:

                  That certainly explains why the rich people are not worrying. ;-)

                  And maybe why they told us not to worry.

      • LI Mike Says:

        Keep on ranting, Winter

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Government Is Teh Ebil … until they need it. Welcome to Realworldia, guys….

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  3. JanF Says:

    This is in the HEMMED In offering this morning but since it is already viral and it is perhaps one of the best Stephen Colbert videos … evah … I am putting it here:

    John Lithgow Performs Dramatic Reading of Gingrich Spokesman’s Epic Poem

    This is in reaction to this: Newt Spokesman Pens Epic Poem In Tribute To Gingrich’s Heroic Crusade Against The Media

    • winterbanyan Says:

      That was so funny! And John Lithgow was fabulous. I can see why this has gone viral. :) Thanks, Jan.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Oh. My.

      Surely, somewhere, there are some slings and arrows Newt could buy with his outrageous fortune.

      Surely, somewhere, there is another wife with whom he could sleep, perchance to dream, perchance for a consummation that his flesh is heir to.

      Surely, somewhere, there is the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns, that would elect him its leader.

      Surely, somewhere, there are whose whose conscience will not make cowards of us all, whence his enterprise of great pitch and moment will not be by all his sins remembered.

      Surely, and hie thee quickly there, Newt.

      Coz it ain’t here.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

      With all due apologies to some other writer.

      • winterbanyan Says:

        Hilarious, Crissie. And no better choice than the whiny Dane, Hamlet. Hah!

      • addisnana Says:

        I don’t think Newt could find “somewhere” unless his driver had a good map.

        He is NOT the one anyone has been waiting for, especially me.

  4. LI Mike Says:

    “Put on your shoes, hurray,” exclaimed Ms LI Mike, excitedly. “What’s going on?” I asked, with expectant curiosity.

    Well, I’ll never be a novelist, but that happened yesterday. Ms LI Mike wanted me to see the fawn that had snuggled up against the back of the house. The fawn had no other interest other than parking itself right there. After an hour or so of wondering if the fawn was ill, injured or abandoned, we called the local Wildlfe Refuge (yes, we have one of those) and got a young deer lesson.

    Seems that momma deer will find a spot for the fawn, let the fawn hang out for a day, maybe longer, while the mom forages. We were instructed to call them back if the fawn was still there after 48-72 hours.

    I just checked the back of the house…the fawn is gone. But will be back, I’m sure, to eat our plants. Grrrrr!

    • JanF Says:

      Cute! I am glad it was not in distress but even more glad (gladder?) that you got to see it.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      Aww, Mike, that’s a wonderful story. And so interesting. I had no idea deer did that. Of course, we have woods behind our house so I only see them when they emerge to graze along the edges.

      Sorry about your plants, though. I know the deer can be truly damaging to landscaping. Here they don’t bother ours. I guess I grow the wrong stuff.

      Hugggs and thanks for sharing the tale.

      • LI Mike Says:

        Hey Winter, we have anti-deer spray that we spray on our most “precious” plants. Manys been the times when I wasn’t paying attention, though, and I’d say. Well, should have sprayed earlier, I guess.

        • winterbanyan Says:

          Spraying your plants to keep the deer away reminded me of a story of my own. For a while we had armadillos burrowing under our foundation. Not good for a variety of reasons, not the least that they were breaking the termite barrier.

          A couple of times I hired a company that removes them humanely. They capture them and release them in the woods far away. I did this to be a good neighbor because I was reliably informed by wildlife experts that if I managed to make my property unpalatable, they’d simply move down the street.

          But it began to get ridiculous at $500 a pop. I mean, really?

          So we began to fill in their burrows with quickcrete, and I looked for a repellant. Coyote urine was recommended, but I had two dogs, and that wasn’t keeping them away. Hmmm.

          So I found the solution: big bags of red pepper sprinkled around the foundation. Armadillos have very sensitive noses.

          Sorry, neighbors, but there are limits. And you, too, can buy red pepper.

          • Hoghead99 Says:

            I’ve heard that armadillos can carry the plague. Is that for real,or just a rural legend?

            • winterbanyan Says:

              Armadillos can carry leprosy. Few of them do and leprosy is very hard to catch. Long exposure is required.

              For plague you have to look at animals with fleas, mainly rats and mice and similar critters. The plague was transmitted by fleas.

              Hugggs and good morning, my friend. :)

              • Hoghead99 Says:

                Leprosy eh? See how rumors get started? Hee…. :oops:

                Hugggs to you dear, and good morning too!

                • winterbanyan Says:

                  No need to blush. LOL I learned all this while I was pretending to be a Texan, and when I was living the Rockies, where plague still exists.

    • addisnana Says:

      Milorganite spread around the plants will mostly keep the deer away. Better than hanging bars of Irish spring soap on little sticks anyway.

      • JanF Says:

        I used to regularly contribute to Milorganite.

        • Hoghead99 Says:

          You get one “HEH” for that one Jan….

          • JanF Says:

            The “richness” of Milorganite was thought to be related to the amount of beer consumed by the “contributors”. Back in my younger days, I had been known to consume a 6-pack or ten.

        • addisnana Says:

          I used a lot of it, so thanks for contributing!

        • NCrissieB Says:

          Paging the Professor of Astrology Janitor. Screen cleaning needed in the mail room….

          Good morning! ::hugggggs::

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Awww, that’s adorable, Mike! I’m glad momma deer thought your house a suitable shelter for her fawn. Maybe she’s followed your progressive activism! :grin:

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  5. LI Mike Says:

    All Dem candidates should be so lucky.

    Last 5 days in politics, Southampton Town style, have been interesting, to say the least. Our Supv candidate is very strong and the Republicans are having a devil of a time finding a candidate to run against our Supv. You go girl! There were 2 possible strong Republican candidates, and on Monday, both declared they would not run. Two days later, the Republicans drafted one of those candidates anyway. Rumor had it that this candidate was so unprepared for this candidate draft that he showed up at their convention in jeans and was hanging at the bar, not paying much attention to the proceedings. He accepted, reluctantly, that night. Next day (I guess after checking with the Mrs) he said he’d need a week to decide. Last night, at the best possible moment…

    Last night, we held a campaign kick-off event sponsored by our Supv candidate. While she was being introduced to speak, the cell phones in attendance were abuzz with news that he declined the nomination. Where’s the confetti!

    Local Republicans in turmoil! Oh yeah!

  6. JanF Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha. Gov. Nathan Deal (R-GA) of the “don’t report on my nefarious dealings or I will block you from bill signings” had another Deal investigated this one a Deal giving Delta a big tax break:

    a new investigation by Atlanta’s WSB-TV finds one possible answer why the state’s top GOP lawmakers gave Delta such a treasured tax break. The station found that Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle (R) and five Republican leaders in the legislature were given free “upgrades to platinum or gold frequent flyer status,” which include access to special security lines, far more frequent flyer miles, and free upgrades to first class in some circumstances.

    While the company did register the upgrades as campaign contributions, the station argues that the company undervalued them. Delta said the upgrades were worth $1,600-$2,400, but renowned consumer reporter Clark Howard said the actual value of the upgrades was closer to $10,000-$15,000 a year, and that they should be registered as gifts from lobbyists, not simple contributions

    My guess is that his tantrum against the media will continue to backfire. The media was there long before Gov. Nathan “Don’t Look At My” Deal(ings) came into office and it will be there long after he is gone. Dumb to go after the media.

  7. Hoghead99 Says:

    Good morning all!

    Arrived home this morning to find swarms of mosquitos welcoming me….. Reminded me of the time out at the coal mine, going to work on the midnight shift, dang snack machine cheated me. You know the drill, put the money in, select a goodie, the machine whirrs a bit, and stops j-u-s-t before the dadburned candy bar can drop down to be retrieved. A favorite trick……

    Being of sound mind, and stout body, I grabbed the machine by the upper corners and gave it a good shake, freeing my prize, and also, to my utter astonishment, dislodging the door, which swung open, exposing a veritable cornucopia of junk food. In a nanosecond there was a mob around me and the machine, laughing, grabbing, giggling, and grasping. I said, “Hey, let me out of here!” To small avail…… It was over in a matter of seconds, that bandit of a machine was cleaned out, slick as a whistle! Hey, what goes around, comes around……

    • NCrissieB Says:

      Well, at least you had a welcoming committee. I guess. Sort of.

      But hey, we welcome you here too, and we don’t fly and bite. Because we have no wings.

      Wait … that didn’t come out quite right….

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

    • winterbanyan Says:

      That’s a funny story, HH99. I love it! I take it the mosquitoes are as big as your fellow miners? ;)

      • Hoghead99 Says:

        Two of them went after the cat, one said, “Should we take it home or eat it here?” The other said, “Here, if we take it home, the big one’s will get it!”

  8. JanF Says:

    People are awful. 16-Year-Old Girl Who Challenged Bachmann To Debate Receiving Threats Of Violence, Rape:

    The Cherry Hill Courier Press reports that others “threatened violence, including rape” and that “several commenters threatened to publish the Myers’ home address.” Amy’s school has reportedly also received “threatening mail.” The newspaper had planned to do a video interview with the girl, who is running for a student government position, but “a somewhat panicked-sounding Wayne Myers phoned to cancel, citing the alleged threats.” “They’re targeting me just because I’m challenging Bachmann,” Amy said.

    It seems to me that if your “supporters” first reaction to a challenge is to threaten a 16-year old girl with sexual violence you should do some soul searching and think about what kind of people you attract. Oh, wait. I forgot. Republicans have no souls.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      Once again words fail me. I hope the police find these creeps.

      • JanF Says:

        This was going to be tonight’s Campus Question but I did not want to think about it all day.

    • NCrissieB Says:

      I wish I could say I was surprised. Sadly, I’m not. Those who made the threats, were they tracked down, would doubtless claim freedom of speech and say they never intended to act. Most would probably also be outraged, saying they’re entitled to anonymity and those who disagree are trying to intimidate them … like they’re trying to intimidate a 16-year-old girl with whom they disagree.

      Except they’ll probably leave out that bit after the elipsis.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

      • JanF Says:

        Yes, right-wing haters as victims is a pretty common theme. It started with reverse-discrimination lawsuits and is now standard practice. When attacked, claim that the attacker is violating your rights. Facts optional.

    • winterbanyan Says:

      It occurs to me that the media didn’t help much when they revealed the father’s name. If this were my daughter, I’d be giving serious thought to never allowing her to be alone.

      • addisnana Says:

        Amy gave her name when she challenged Bachmann via i-report on CNN. Ii was a well written challenge which pointed out how Bachmann regularly played loose with the facts. Bachmann’s office said they will have no response.

        • JanF Says:

          Bachmann’s office is soul less also.

        • winterbanyan Says:

          Well, I didn’t want to say this here, but if the father owns a house, you can find the address with his name. Not so with the daughter’s name. For that reason alone they should have avoided printing his first name.