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Campus Chatter – May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010

Today's Buzz

What features would you most like to see fleshed out at BPI? Some are working already – the Schedule and Degrees at BPI, for example – and others like the BPI Gift Shop are in progress. Your suggestions are always welcome. Just don’t scare the BPI Squirrel.

Greetings and social banter here.

Good morning! ::hugggggs::

  • JanF

    I think it needs a picture of me. Here:


    • NCrissieB

      Odd, but you look suspiciously like a friend of the BPI Squirrel. Is he sneaking around planting ideas again…?

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

      • JanF

        I think he is planting Acorns. Oh noes…

  • addisnana

    Thoughts on Mother Nature:

    Last spring my home by the MN/Canadian border was a long, itchy introduction to what the locals call black flies. These aren’t like house flies, but gnat size little biters. I ended up wearing clothes that completely covered me, including a bug net over my head. I was as covered as any woman wearing a bhurka. Until I came up with a full dress coping strategy, I was miserable.

    This spring there aren’t any black flies. I asked a couple of old timers whether they were late or not coming. The cold snow of early May switching to instant 80 degrees apparently means the flies won’t appear in any numbers because the window for laying eggs was way to small. Yeah!!!

    Then the old timers tell me that the black flies pollinate the wild blueberries which had a bumper crop last summer. Fewer black flies = fewer blueberries.

    Wild blueberries were/are one of my most favorite treats.

    Now, in a strange way, I am missing the black flies. Ah the choices Mother Nature gives us.

    • winterbanyan

      That is a very good illustration, addisnana. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Not the kind of thing we’re accustomed to think about, but Nature’s balances are important in so many ways.

      I’d miss those dang flies too if they meant no blueberries. I think I remember them from my time in NoDak. That something so invisible could take a truly visible chunk out of you always amazed me.

    • JanF

      Near Milwaukee what we call black flies are flies that are about as big as your thumbnail and are mostly around Lake Michigan. I had a colleague who owned a home on the lake near Milwaukee and he sold it to a guy who wanted to smoosh it to build a McMansion. The guy he sold it to took his wife out there and the black flies swarmed all over her. She told him she would never live there. So he was stuck with the lot (the house had already been smooshed).

  • addisnana

    Congratulations on the opening of the gift shop. Very cool. I am assuming that is what’s printed on each one. I can’t enlarge the image enough to read it. May I suggest highlighting that at the beginning of the section?

    Good looking stuff!

    • JanF

      Yes, the gift shop is a work in process. And yes, the image is in the BPI font with the BPI color.

      I will buy something to test it out. Caveat Emptor for sure. πŸ˜€

    • JanF

      Followup: They look okay on the polo shirts (my favorite article of clothing) but they are definitely too small for the mugs.

      I need to create some bigger logos for those products.